Sunday, June 29, 2008


Nice and relaxing weekend.

Friday; picked up a Cruzan calypso band at the airport. Poor guys, they were freezing.
It was my first time taking the new metro line there. Very practical, but i still hate the Copenhagen metro. It's all grey concrete and steel, there's no way to tell the stations apart.
And the interior is cobalt blue and yellow. The colors of the Swedish flag. Obviously.
Later, watched Superbad again with Allan and our Swedish/Irish customers.
Ate pizza.

Saturday; picked up our new TV at the postoffice. It's pretty big. I'm a bit underwhelmed by the picture quality. I expected to be blown away. I was not.
Allan worked on the computer.
Had icecream at a new place just around the corner, it's owned by a friend of a friend. He makes Sicilian icecream. It is goood.
Finished Weeds season three. Damn good as always. Started Big Love. Also good.
Ate sushi.

Today; didn't pick up anything but groceries.
Took a walk, watered Martins plants.
Saw a woman pee in the street (to be fair she was half in a shrub, but it was still pretty nasty. I mean, it was the middle of the day and she was less than 400 meters from a public toilet.)
Cleaned the bathroom. Did the laundry.
Now i'm making potatosalad.
And i'm listening to the Weeds soundtrack, i'm gonna order it soon i think.

The new trashcans in Cph, shaped to fit a pizza box


  1. Mmm, det lyder som en ornlig nice weekend!
    Og tak for hilsenen! Nu er jeg rolig igen!

  2. P.s. glæder mig til at se det nye hår!!! Det blir fint tror jeg!!