Friday, June 27, 2008

Allan's birthday was nice

Weather was good too.

We started the day with some breakfast in bed. Everyone likes breakfast in bedAllan had the very important job of transporting the cake to the shop
I was supposed to get tattooed on my own birthday, but since Lucifer went and ruined that by getting sick, we did it on Allan's instead. Thanks, babe!
What to get your husband on his 30th birthday? Well, a giant beanbag chair of course!
The birthday boy!
Martin and Suzy went a little nuts with the decorations
Lucifer helped Allan open his presents
Martin lighting up the grillFood good
Later today, or possibly tomorrow, we're picking up Allan's birthday present to himself, a big ass TV.

Ps. How to tell that you and your friends have grown apart: they forget your birthday, but remember your husband's!

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