Friday, May 2, 2008

Whoa, new hair!

I went to the salon this morning (morning for me, afternoon for the regular folks) and got a haircut.

I hate getting my hair cut. To me it's always kind of a humiliating experience. I know it sounds silly but sitting in that chair, with wet hair and unflattering lighting has just always made me really selfconscious.
And i have just never found a salon i liked enough to stick with. Something always happens that makes me start looking for a new place.
Like with my previous salon, the girl who used to cut my hair and do my extensions went on maternity leave and the left me in the hands of a complete amateur, who left me sitting with my cold, wet hair in the sink for 10 minutes while she talked to this dude who was booking a time for his fiancee to get like a full pre-wedding makeover. Thanks, a towel would have been nice. Oh, and after the sink fiasco she burnt the crap out of my scalp with the hairdryer.

Anyway, today was my second time at this salon. My first experience there wasn't an entirely positive one, but i decided to give them a second chance. But i made an appointment with a different stylist this time. The last one that cut my hair there is probably a lovely person when you get to know her, but the day i was there she was kind of a bitch. A huge one actually, so i decided, to hell with customer loyalty, i'm gonna go with one of the other ones this time.
And i was pleasantly surprised. This new stylist was much nicer and i felt pretty comfortable. Comfortable enough to just give her a few keywords ("short", "70's ish") and let her do her thing.

The result? I'm pretty happy with it, but since it's new i'm still at that awkward "this-doesn't- look-like-me" stage. I actually think it looks like i'm wearing a hat. But a nice one!
Allan thinks i look adorable, and also a little bit like a mushroom! From anyone else that wouldn't be a compliment, but i know what he means!
Nick thinks i stole the hairstyle he was rockin at age two, but at least he thinks it looks better on me.

The possible inspirations for my cut, baby Nick and Docomodake:


  1. you look so adorable!!! that style never gets old.