Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too busy to blog?

Well, sort of.

I've been spending time on my other blog today, my work blog.

Did a lot of photoshopping, converted some currencies, weighed crap. I'm tired.
But now it's done and i can get back to answering one qwrtillion emails a day.
If you like artsy stuff, go check it out.

Anywho, i'm gonna go chill now, and soon i will taste Nicks spaghetti sauce of joy and ultimate goodness. He swears it's that good.


  1. Tjek linket.. Fuck Carlos Mencia...

  2. You're a lucky girl! I envy your life. All trips, and all stuff you buy and to work at an amazing shop! :)

  3. Thanks, i do like working at the shop, it's pretty awesome!
    But on the other hand i have terrible healh and i often trip over things, so there! No need to envy me!