Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tomorrow it is

It's been a weird day.

We dropped of Lucifer at Mai's too early (that's in me time, not people time) and i've been missing the little guy all day.

Then we went to a 1 year old's birthday party, on Amager no less.
It was nice, there was cake.
But the whole time there we were stressing a bit cause neither of us had packed.

It was a great bike ride there and home. We took the new bike bridge home.
Another point for Vesterbro (vs Nord Vest). A bike ride to Amager is nothing, and the ride home is tons o' fun.
I'm still not loving my bike, so i'm gonna try to find a new one when we come back from the states.
But i'm still gonna miss riding a bike daily, it's so much a part of my world, that i feel kind of crippled when it's not an option.

Now i've almost finished packing. I'm usually good at packing, but this trip is either too long or too short, cause i'm finding it difficult.

And i'm a little queezy for some reason.
Oh that was the icecream, i forgot about that.
We had to give our keys to Martin, so he can water my four remaining plants, and we met him and Sofia, his girlfriend, at his buddys newly opened Sicilian icecream shop.
And, ehm, the icecream was free, opening day and all! I ate too much, obviously!
It's just down the street from us. Dangerous.

Ok, i should pack the rest of my stuff now. Maybe i should bring a book?

High speed photography!

More bike action

People live there! I can't get over that fact.

Bike bridge

One of the many outfits i won't be bringing to California (dress is too heavy)


  1. Cykelmyggen Malle... jeg kender fornemmelsen. Bare her for nogle uger siden, hvor mine gear ikke virkede, nåede jeg at blive hysterisk og umulig på de fire dage, jeg ikke kunne cykle. Tsk tsk.

    Hav en dejlig rejse! Hvornår er I hjemme igen?

  2. Jeg overvejer at gå ned i hotellets gym og cykle et kvarters tid hver morgen, bare for at tage de værste abstinenser!
    Vi kommer hjem den 19. om aftenen.

    Ps. Der er en mega palme lige uden for vores vindue... aaahhh!