Monday, May 12, 2008

This looks interesting

The Fall.

By the same dude who did The Cell. I did not like The Cell, but this one looks like it could be good.
Apparently it was shot all over the world using no CGI. I like that in a movie these days.

If anyone has seen it let me know if it's good or crap!


  1. what about "the cell" did you not like?
    (i was suffering from panic attacks around the time i saw it, so i was not in the right mind to judge a movie like that! it scared the crap out of my fragile mind!)

  2. Vincent D'Onofrio. I think he's terribly overrated. And Jennifer Lopez. And it seemed a little too pleased with itself, the movie.
    But visually it was pretty, as far as i can remember.

  3. Did you ever end up seeing The Fall? I just saw it two weeks ago for the first time (okay, it's nearly November, and this post is from May). So...what'dya think? I'll tell you after you tell me? Or if you want me to go first, you let me know. :) zo

  4. I still haven't seen it!
    So you go first, did you like it at all?

  5. Yes, I thought it was beautifully shot. I mean, BEAUTIFULLY shot. It was over-the-top ridiculous melodramatic, but that is its humor and grace. This is the type of movie that gets better, not worse, with viewings. It is too stupid to manage if watching for that "English Patient" kind of cerebral, universal love story kind of high; not cool enough to be Indie/my own private Idaho; not sophisticated like Jorgen Leth, just simple abstraction...really abstract, and a bit like Princess Bride or Baron Munchausen (cannot spell) in intention, but it is minimalist in a modern way.

    The shapes in every frame & the intensity of pace---I watched it two times in a row (over two days). Was bored and turned it off a couple of times the first time through. The second time through watched it the whole way and cried a little.
    :) Now you have to watch and tell me!!!
    But for your next trailer night, here...
    tell me what you think of them bananas! :) My friend David sent me the link. It's over my head, and I don't understand a word, but dang, it's hot!