Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh, onigiri

Everyone should own a rice cooker. It's the official must-have item of the day. Yup, now you gotta go get one.

This morning i soaked some rice before hitting the shower.
When i came out i put them in the rice cooker.
When i was done getting dressed and exercising they where ready.

Allan took Lucifer to work. I watched them from the window as they were getting on Allans new bike in the backyard. I had a bit of a moment then. A good one. My two boys.

And then i want into the kitchen and made onigiri for lunch.

Looks messy, but everything is under control.

There they are, in my two layered lunchbox, that took me almost an hour to pick out at Tokyu Hands. Nori is packed separately.

Tasted good too.


  1. oh my god, you even have the onigiri mold! your onigiri looks pretty authentic. is it grilled salmon that i see? yummy...

  2. Yup, half with grilled salmon, half with tuna and mayo!

    I got the molds at 100 yen shop!

  3. UMMMMM mindes min falske fødselsdag.
    jeg er blevet helt afhængig og har lyst til hjemmelavedet ris-tang-tun dimser hele tiden!!! mine bliver desværre slet ikke så fine som dine gør. Måske skulle jeg også anskaffe mig et kit