Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucifer is not a trooper

Today at the shop, Allan got a call from our neighbor.

He found Allan's phone number on the internet and he just wanted to let us know that Lucifer was pretty much trapped in a Vesterbro apartment of emotion (my words, not his) and had been screaming his little lungs out all day for his mom and dad.

The neighbor wasn't bothered or upset, he was just feeling sorry for the poor little guy!

I immediately packed my stuff and rushed back to him. And yeah, he was pretty upset. Didn't ruin anything, but he rearranged all of our shoes. A lot.
Guess he was just not in the mood to be alone today, not that he ever is.

I met the neighbor in the street a little later and apologized for the noise and thanked him for calling.

I've been less than thrilled with the type of people who live in our new hood, but this guy scored some serious points for all the people of Vesterbro.

Thanks, they needed that.

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  1. that's a good job on our neighbor's part because not only did he save the poor little lucifer from feeling so bad but also probably your other neighbors,too, who were likely a bit teed off by a screaming doggie. my off-days have been somewhat compromised by this barking mini-shiba that one of my neighbors has, and our apartment doesn't allow pet animals! but i know my other neighbor has a cat, too, which doesn't bark, btw :-)