Friday, May 9, 2008

A day off

So, yesterday we decided to stay home from work.

Allans customer actually cancelled a while ago, and when that happens i usually book someone new right away, but this time we just took the day off.
You have to know us, and know how tight Allans work schedule is, to understand just how rare this is.

We had the best day.

Slept late, but not too late.

Had our morning coffee and some oranges in the sunny back yard. Even had a nice little chat with the woman who lives downstairs. She was nice too. Usually i only see her husband.

Then Allans new bike came. He ordered it online, after the chain (is that what you call it in english? i just don't know!) fell off his old bike for the 100th time that week!

Oh, on wednesday (getting a little sidetracked here, stay with me) Allan walked to the shop and i took my bike, so when it was time to go home we had a problem.
I didn't feel like walking, so we (meaning i) decided to try the "two people on one bike" routine, something we've never done on my new bike.
So Lucifer was in the front, me in the back, and Allan in the drivers seat and not loving it!
But it was fun! We where a little shaky, but we made it, and we even managed to stop by Blockbuster and King Chicken on the way home.
I'm totally in love with that guy, Allan that is. He's the most fun person to be with, ever...

What was my point?
Oh yeah, with Allans new awesome bike we can do this all the time, since it has extra seats in the front AND the back (not technically meant to seat people, but it's possible!)

So yesterday we went to the park, with a couple of bananas and some wasabinuts.

Here's Lucifer enjoying the grass (my crappy, but pretty, green bike in the back)

Now they can finally cruise together

On the way back we stopped by Martin's sailor themed studio for some espresso and tunes

Later we took the dog for a walk. I'm still on a mission to actively wear all the shoes in my closet previously deemed too fancy for everyday wear, so i wore this all day

And as if the day hadn't been awesome enough already, we went out for some unbelievably good sushi, made by actual japanese people

The day ended with us watching Hellboy and making out on the sofa.

Tomorrow Lucifer turns four, that means more fun in the park!

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