Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tomorrow it is

It's been a weird day.

We dropped of Lucifer at Mai's too early (that's in me time, not people time) and i've been missing the little guy all day.

Then we went to a 1 year old's birthday party, on Amager no less.
It was nice, there was cake.
But the whole time there we were stressing a bit cause neither of us had packed.

It was a great bike ride there and home. We took the new bike bridge home.
Another point for Vesterbro (vs Nord Vest). A bike ride to Amager is nothing, and the ride home is tons o' fun.
I'm still not loving my bike, so i'm gonna try to find a new one when we come back from the states.
But i'm still gonna miss riding a bike daily, it's so much a part of my world, that i feel kind of crippled when it's not an option.

Now i've almost finished packing. I'm usually good at packing, but this trip is either too long or too short, cause i'm finding it difficult.

And i'm a little queezy for some reason.
Oh that was the icecream, i forgot about that.
We had to give our keys to Martin, so he can water my four remaining plants, and we met him and Sofia, his girlfriend, at his buddys newly opened Sicilian icecream shop.
And, ehm, the icecream was free, opening day and all! I ate too much, obviously!
It's just down the street from us. Dangerous.

Ok, i should pack the rest of my stuff now. Maybe i should bring a book?

High speed photography!

More bike action

People live there! I can't get over that fact.

Bike bridge

One of the many outfits i won't be bringing to California (dress is too heavy)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Olden days

While going through all my folders, i came across a series of pictures of me with long, fake hair.
I miss that.
And i'll probably never do it again since it's ridiculously expensive and so, so bad for my fragile scalp.
But i'm so happy with the au naturel mushroom of doom too.
Here's another shot from the other day, of me and my shroom.

Ego day much?
Well, you know what the say, big old head, big old ego.
They don't actually say that, but maybe they should.

Ps. I'm listening to Scarlett Johansson's album and i honestly can't tell if it's good or bad.
On the song she chose for her first single, her singing is just awful. Terrible.
Then on some of the other songs her voice is suddenly ok. And now it's back to awful.
I'm confused.
Allan likes it. But Allan also likes harcore. That doesn't make him a bad person, it just means that he has no problem with people who can't sing.

So fresh, so clean

My computer got a much needed spring cleaning last night.

Now it's all... working.
Like a new baby computer.
Now comes the hassle of trying to remember every damn login, different combinations of the same usernames and passwords.
Not an easy task, when you have as many different accounts all over the place as i have.

I'm taking the day off to do some laundry, go to the bank and hopefully figure out what clothes to bring to California. I got a dress in the mail yesterday, that i won on ebay. I'm taking that.

Only two more days. I never get excited before travels, not until i'm in the air, looking down on Denmark.

The picture is from a show, Martin took it. It later became an album cover of some kind.

I cleaned up my many picture folders too. There's a system there that only i understand.
Most of the time anyway.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lucifer is not a trooper

Today at the shop, Allan got a call from our neighbor.

He found Allan's phone number on the internet and he just wanted to let us know that Lucifer was pretty much trapped in a Vesterbro apartment of emotion (my words, not his) and had been screaming his little lungs out all day for his mom and dad.

The neighbor wasn't bothered or upset, he was just feeling sorry for the poor little guy!

I immediately packed my stuff and rushed back to him. And yeah, he was pretty upset. Didn't ruin anything, but he rearranged all of our shoes. A lot.
Guess he was just not in the mood to be alone today, not that he ever is.

I met the neighbor in the street a little later and apologized for the noise and thanked him for calling.

I've been less than thrilled with the type of people who live in our new hood, but this guy scored some serious points for all the people of Vesterbro.

Thanks, they needed that.

Morfar sessions

More morfar from yesterday.

We went for a walk in the park too, but i didn't have my camera with me.

So here's morfar, reading the paper.

This could have been very embarassing had the neighbors looked out their door

Got the shoes in Japan, pretty sweet, right!?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So, i was feeling kinda sick today

But someone called about the apartment, so in the interest of not paying two rents forever, i had to go out there and show it to them.

It didn't go all that great.
They were these nice, but kinda snobby art student girls who complained that the apartment was missing that "something" that would make it a real Copenhagen apartment (what? more stucco?) and at the same time complaining about the squeaky floors.

So i was riding back along Nørrebrogade, feeling no better, wondering if i'm the only one who was raised not to talk shit about other peoples stuff when they're still in the room, when i came across a thing that made me stop the bike and reach for the camera.

Some wonderful idiot planted watercress (that's what it's called right?) on an entire city bench.

And somehow it made me think that people aren't all that bad.

Monday, May 26, 2008


It's late and Allan is still working. Which is fine, i already made myself some vegetarian "biksemad" so i'm good.

But i want him to come home and burn a cd of the pictures we did yesterday.
Or, he took the pictures, i just stood there and got my top model on.
But they turned out so great and i really wanna post them.

I also did some more sewing last night, but again. Allan has my computer where stuff like that is uploaded.

Waiting... waiting...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dear Hollywood,

Please stop making sequels.


Ps. Drugs are bad.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


We've been in Indiana Jones bootcamp this past week.

We've seen the whole Indy box, and tomorrow is the big day, we go see number four.
I still can't believe it's here, after so many years of"the script isn't working" and "the timing's not right".
And now i'm gonna see it.

I'm optimistic, but not sure i like the kid though.
I've never seen him in anything, i just know he's kind of a big deal from magazines.
He better not upstage Harrison is all i'm saying!

Elsa: What's this?
Indiana Jones: Ark of the Covenant.
Elsa: Are you sure?
Indiana Jones: Pretty sure.

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's furniture week on the untitled blog!

So, last weekend i bought some awesome new (old) chairs.

And this wednesday my parents called and asked if they should drop by with a dresser from their summerhouse. They said they'd get there at two, which in my-parents-time means three-ish.

And a little after three they came with this lovely piece of furniture goodness.
While my last purchase was from circa 1960's this one is more like 1860's. Or 1880's, but still, pretty damn old.
It was in the house my dad grew up in, i like furniture with a history.

I still need to polish it a bit, but already i love it. It fits a lot of my creative crap, tools for making jewelry, hats, all sorts of stuff. And a lot of my fabric too.

And as if that wasn't enough, they brought a bonus piece. I have no idea what you call this thing, it has no purpose, and many at the same time.
The fabric will need to be replaced eventually.

There was only one empty corner in the apartment, and it fit there. Phew.

Getting new stuff makes me happy. I'm shallow that way.

I finally made something!

I've been in a creative slump for some time now. A long time really.

But i've been productive this week, or by my standards at least.

And i have a new pair of pants to prove it.
They're made from some pretty old fabric that used to be bedsheets and tablecloths!

All the pictures Allan took were blurry, but you get the idea...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm a little stressed at the moment. A lot actually.
Taking peaceful pictures of peaceful objects helps a little.

Of course, it would have been a whole lot more peaceful if there hadn't been two dogs pulling me at the time.


We have a new temporary addition to the family.
Her name is Palma and her people parents just went to Berlin for a week.
She likes toys and she hates food. And most people. But not me and Allan, thankfully.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Dogs in Japan, part one (cause i'm in a bad mood)

When i was in Japan last time, i took many pictures. Duh.

But i had two projects, or whatever you wanna call it: stuff that's yellow, and Japanese dogs.

I already gave you part one of the Yellow series.

And today i'm gonna post some happy hounds for y'all (or you if there's only one reader!)

Shiba in Kichijoji

Also in the park in Kichijoji
Koenji shopping street
Shinjuku chuo park
Nara (they are looking at Allan)


I'm at work, trying to book new customers for 2009.
But there are too many. And the year is just not long enough.
And i'm gonna have to disappoint some people soon. And i really hate that. And they're really gonna hate me. And i hate that even more.

And hey, what's with the rain!? My knees were wet for hours cause it rained so much when i was going to work. And now the weather is fine, of course.

Wow, i think i'm actually a little stressed. That doesn't happen often. It sucks.

Wow, this makes me feel like an even bigger slacker than i actually am...

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Nick told me about this video over brunch this morning.

When i got home i forgot about it again.

Then by accident, i found it on Kanye West's blog (what was i doing there? I don't know, i was bored and the dude has some fun stuff there.)

You gotta watch the whole thing, it's amazing. I can't even begin to imagine how long that must have taken.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


More faux Japanese cooking, today's dish: cold soba noodles.

Timing is everything

Well, this sucks!

On saturday night, when we were on our way to a concert, we went by the bookstore on RĂĄdhuspladsen and saw a big poster in the window.

Turns out that Paul Auster and his wife, Siri Hustvedt, will be signing books on June 7th.
Smack in the center of my city.
And where will i be? In Long Beach, CA. That's where.

And that's great of course, not complaining about going to California, but i would have liked them to sign a couple of books.

Ps. Anyone feel like going there and bringing a couple of my books?


We had dinner at a japanese restaurant tonight.

Allan ordered his beer in japanese, the waiter, who didn't speak danish, loved him.

It was very good.

The yellowpants experience, coming to you LIVE from my new chair!!

Here's yet another reason why living here beats living in NV: spontaneous antique shopping on a lazy saturday.

We were just taking the dog for a walk and going to the antique shop across the street to look at a new sofa for the shop (maybe we'll get it, have to see if Nick likes it first.)

And there on the street, in the bright sunshine, were two beautiful, old, danish dining room chairs. Can't say for sure when they're from, fifties, sixties?

I fell in love and we bought them right away. I almost forgot to ask Allan if he liked them, i was so sure they were meant to be mine.

There are only two, so i didn't have to get rid of my old chairs. I'm strangely attached to them even though they're falling apart.

I've cleaned them up a bit and now they're just looking like they were always here. They really tie the room together, as the Dude would say.

And now i'm sitting here, blogging in one. Actually using the room i don't use as much as i'd like to. The chairs are gonna change all that. Good chairs can do that.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vesterbro vs Nord Vest

In my short time here i have found many reasons why Vesterbro is better than Nord Vest.

This is one of them: free dog poop bags.

Right on!

So, what's this handy little gizmo called in english?

I really have no idea.
It's not called a hole puncher, those are the paper ones.

But i do know that everyone needs one of these babies. For sandals that almost fit, but not quite. For belts when you've all of a sudden lost/gained weight.

Yup, they're awesome.

Today is saturday. I have no plans whatsoever. I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Wow, it's like a blog post hurricane in here

I haven't been so great at following up on my wardrobe project, but sometimes i remember.
So, this is what i had on yesterday and the day before.

St. Buffy of Sunnydale

Our awesome friends in Portland sent us the most beautiful package ever.

Lots of Buffyverse goodness, three Omnibus and one super deluxe hardback edition of the first issues of Season 8.

We got some reading to do.

Spaghetti night

Ok, ok. You can come over and cook for us every week, Nick.

Old friends and being a social outcast

Last sunday we went to a birthday party.
Actually we went to two that day.

One was at the cemetery, they double as parks in Copenhagen, nothing creepy about it really.
The weather was beautiful and Mai (the birthday girl) had asked people to bring food instead of gifts, so there was plenty of delicious food there.
It was nice, a bunch of artsy people (yours truly excluded) and a couple of tiny dogs.

The other was later, around 8 ish at night. It was more of a cocktail party thing.
Not formal, just a party involving cocktails. It took a while for me to realize that it was a party-party we'd been invited to. Seeing as it was on a sunday i assumed it would be of the non-cocktail variety. But what i didn't know, until that same day, was that monday was a holiday. We own a shop. Holidays don't exist unless we make them.

Ok, so the birthday girl was Maria, a girl i grew up with. Maria, her younger sister Anna (now Anna-Lullu) and me have been pretend-sisters for as long as i can remember. As a child i got Marias old clothes when she outgrew them, toys too. We shared a lot of things, including at one point an embarrassing, and some might say unhealthy, obsession with Nuno Bettencourt. There, i said it.

But for some reason we've had a hard time keeping in touch. Maria even live 5 minutes down the street, and we still never hang. Weird.

Here are my girls, a little blurry, making some crazy jello shot thingies. The tall one is Anna-Lullu, the baby. I know.

We had let everyone know from the beginning that we wouldn't be drinking that night, and everyone was cool with it. Cause we had the dog waiting at home and we had to go to work the next day. But that wasn't the whole truth.

The thing is, i don't really feel like drinking anymore. And i rarely do drink. Over the years i've just grown tired of it. The blackouts, the hellish hangover, the meaningless drunken arguments with my husband. I just don't feel like it anymore, so i don't go out much.
So, why not go out and not drink, isn't that an option? Sure. But here in Denmark you gotta be prepared to take some shit for it. To discuss why not and how come, often with complete strangers.
Cause we're a nation of drunks. Yep. Danes like their booze. Getting drunk (not just drinking, there's a difference) is a hobby here, like shopping is a hobby in Japan, and driving is a hobby in the States.
And when you don't want to get drunk, people for some reason, take it very personal. It's like you, by not drinking, are insinuating that they drink too much. You're messing with the natural order of things. You're a potential witness to everyone else's embarrassing drunken moments. And as the only one there, you'll remember those moments the next day.

And they'll come up with the lamest reasons to get you back on team booze.
Like at the 30th birthday party we went to two weeks ago. I was looking for some water to mix in my wine at the open bar, when some dude asked me why i needed the water, and i said "so i won't get too drunk" and he said something like "why, are you afraid to lose control and let down your guard?" Yeah, that's it exactly, oh wise one.*
There was no water, i got completely wasted for the first, and hopefully last, time this year and i spent the whole next day on the couch when i could have been watching Iron Man with Allan and Nick. Also, my bike viciously attacked me several times on the way home, and i have the bruises to prove it.

So on sunday, would our friends have said "ok, whatever" if we'd told them that we don't feel like drinking much anymore? Or would they have tried to convince us to join the party?
I like to think that these particular people wouldn't care either way. Cause you know, they're awesome.
But many people do, making going out sober in Copenhagen an almost impossible task.

And tomorrow i have to do it again, this time without the work excuse.

*That guy was ridiculous by the way, but i've been typing enough for one day. More stories about him, and more long lost friends, tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Too busy to blog?

Well, sort of.

I've been spending time on my other blog today, my work blog.

Did a lot of photoshopping, converted some currencies, weighed crap. I'm tired.
But now it's done and i can get back to answering one qwrtillion emails a day.
If you like artsy stuff, go check it out.

Anywho, i'm gonna go chill now, and soon i will taste Nicks spaghetti sauce of joy and ultimate goodness. He swears it's that good.

Oh, onigiri

Everyone should own a rice cooker. It's the official must-have item of the day. Yup, now you gotta go get one.

This morning i soaked some rice before hitting the shower.
When i came out i put them in the rice cooker.
When i was done getting dressed and exercising they where ready.

Allan took Lucifer to work. I watched them from the window as they were getting on Allans new bike in the backyard. I had a bit of a moment then. A good one. My two boys.

And then i want into the kitchen and made onigiri for lunch.

Looks messy, but everything is under control.

There they are, in my two layered lunchbox, that took me almost an hour to pick out at Tokyu Hands. Nori is packed separately.

Tasted good too.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dennis Farina busted at airport with a loaded gun

It's a strange world.

Celebrities are trying to go through airport security with loaded, unregistered guns.

What the hell does an actor need a gun for anyway? Not that anyone needs a gun in my opinion. Apparently he forgot it was there...
Well, that just makes the whole situation so much better, right? Safer too.


This looks interesting

The Fall.

By the same dude who did The Cell. I did not like The Cell, but this one looks like it could be good.
Apparently it was shot all over the world using no CGI. I like that in a movie these days.

If anyone has seen it let me know if it's good or crap!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let's go to Russia!

Background? No background?

Not necessarily this one, just the idea in general?

Help me out.

Later i mean, i know i'm the only one who's lame enough to be home right now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You know what sucks?

Saturday night, going to a show, have a dog sitter close to the venue.

Found clothes to wear that hid the after dinner belly, put band aids on toes so very high heels won't cut into skin.

Put on lots of make up, but made it look like i wasn't wearing much. I don't wear make up every day, so this is kind of a big deal. It looked nice.

Went to the bathroom and was suddenly sick, but without actually feeling sick. Some sort of bad reaction to the food i ate i guess. Threw up a lot, but felt kind of ok. But not well enough to still go to the show. But well enough to feel pissed about not going.

So now i'm stuck at home alone on a Saturday night. Looking at this on wikipedia. It's a current obsession.

And i have to go remove the make up that took me like 20 minutes to apply.

Oh Lucifer, you are my little gentlemaaaaan!

Today my special little guy turns four.
To celebrate he had an intimate party in his favorite park.

In Denmark we say that if the weather is good on your birthday, then you've been a good person the past year. As kids we spend a lot of time blaming people who we share a birthday with, if the weather is crappy on our birthday.
Is it like this in other countries too i wonder? Do tell!

Lucifer has been a good boy and we have the most amazing weather to prove it. It was almost too hot in the park, and i started dreaming of going to the beach. In May! Crazy. Thanks Lucifer.

Lucifer and his future babymama, Masumi

Pretty Mai

My hair therapist says i should wear a hat when it's hot

On the way home we stopped for ice cream