Monday, April 28, 2008

If this was a "who has the cooler mom" contest i would win!!

I have tattoos. This is not a surprise to those who know me, obviously, but in case someone who doesn't know me reads this, there it is.

I'm married to a tattooer, a very good one too. I also work at a tattoo shop and travel to tattoo conventions all over the world. A lot of my time is spent on tattoos, in one way or another.

Because of those factors, my parents have never really complained about my tattoos. I guess they realized a long time ago that i was gonna get some, whether they liked it or not. So they said nothing.
But i could tell that they weren't crazy about them, few parents are.

Last year i got a finger tattoo. It's not my first on the hands actually, but it's a little more visible than the other one.
I was actually expecting to get some shit for it from my parents, just because it's so... right there, impossible to hide and all that. But my mom surprised me, as she has done so many time before, by loving it. She kept admiring it, saying how cute it was, and every time i'd see her she'd hold her hand next to mine and say "i could see myself with one of these".
It didn't take long before "i could see myself with one" became "when can i get one?"

So yesterday my mom, who never had any interest in tattoos, got a tattoo... on her finger!!!!
If that doesn't make her a total badass, i don't know what does!!

Now i didn't take a picture of the finished tattoo, i'll do that when it's healed, but i did take a few (roughly about a million and some video too) of her getting it.
Come on, this is huge!

Stencil time

She sat like this the whole time, cool as a cucumber, nay, cooler!


I wish i could say that i'm proud of her, but that would imply that i had something to do with this and i didn't. It was all her, and my husband of course. But i am impressed.
Even my dad seemed a little impressed.

I got some work done too last night. My arm is the size of a small tree stump today. A swollen, red tree stump.

No good pictures though. Yesterday it was all bloody and today it's red and the size of my ankles. I have fat ankles, so it's worse than it sounds.

But here's a couple i took while getting tattooed (sitting like that is every bit as uncomfortable as it looks)

Sometimes focusing on something else helps. And sometimes it doesn't.

PS. My mom said it was more painful than she had expected. Not horrible, but as she said: "i can definitely feel it"
She's right. I'd even go as far as to say i hate it and it sucks monkey ass. But i'm still getting more.


  1. OH MY GOD.
    That is amazing!!
    I cant wait to see the finished pic!

  2. This is beyond cool. This is like, if I went to bed and tried to dream the coolest, feel-good, life-is-interesting-and-can-be-fun posts, I couldn't have come up with this. I want to make your mom a cake. And I want her to give me a hug and pack my lunch. But I'll settle for reading this post again.

  3. Haha, thanks!
    She is pretty awesome, and she packs a mean lunch too!