Saturday, April 26, 2008


My grandfather is an older gentleman. He has never seen a blog, much less had his image posted on one. The latter part is about to change.

Earlier today me and my husband Allan went to see him. It's saturday, we brought cake and flowers and a laptop so we could show him pictures from our trip to Japan. He seemed to enjoy the pictures, even though i know he's never happy about us going away for too long.

I haven't uploaded the pictures i took today, but i took a bunch when i saw him on monday, so i'll just post a few of those instead.

Without further ado, my morfar smoking his pipe

And also from monday, Lucifer in his bike basket. Put that dog in a ray of sunshine and he falls asleep almost instantly


  1. Hey there Yellow pants ! Your grandpa looks cool ! I wanna go smoke the pipe with him next time !

  2. Lucifer looks so happy in that basket. Very cute.