Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another beautiful spring day, another nest!

Taken on our way to work, swan nest goodness!

It's been a nice day, more hopeful walk-ins than usual, but that always happens in good weather. They usually don't stay long after i tell them how long the waiting list is!

Weird thing that happened today, well not weird, but anyway. Allan's second customer of the day is pretty young and it's his first tattoo, so i checked his ID when he came in. He was born in 1990! 90!! If that doesn't make you feel old, i don't know what does...

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  1. Nice new header ... Or whatever they call em them top picture things !! Yellow pants yellow pants !! OOOH ! It just hit me !!! No really !!!! 1990 !!! It hurts me AAAArgh ! Damn it's a deep burn ! ouch ! Yep ! This year !!