Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Magical bridge trip

Previously unpublished analog photos from a magical road trip with magical people to, you guessed it, a magical bridge.
I think this was about a year ago.
I'm lucky to have friends like these.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Flora's treehaus

It's been over six months since i moved in.
It's hard to even explain the relief and the peace of mind that comes with having a real home to yourself after so long.
While moving, i would suddenly remember being 16 years old in Copenhagen, on my way to school, standing in the rain at this one bus stop that was right outside of a real estate company, and while waiting for the bus to arrive, i would look at the apartments for sale and dream.
I even remember my favorite listing, which was a tiny apartment, just one room on the 5th floor, maybe no more than 30m2? But it was cozy, it was a treehouse, and i dreamed of living there all by myself. 
Better late than never?
I have more space here, and i'm on the ground floor, not the top, but it's a treehouse nonetheless, and it's all mine.

So you can imagine the sudden wave of panic i felt after i realised i had just asked my very new boyfriend whom i'd met only a week earlier, the night before these pictures were taken, to move in with me.
During the photo shoot he was in bed, probably still hungover from our first date the night before, while i was in the kitchen, talking about plants.
I barely knew him, even though it felt like i'd known him forever.
And i love living by myself, so what was i thinking?
But the panic lasted only a second, and now, almost two months later, with him sleeping in the bedroom, and his mom who's visiting us from the States having a cigarette on the balcony, it kind of feels like it's always been this way. 

It's hard to even explain the happiness and peace of mind that comes with having a loving relationship after so long.

These photos were taken by Alex Bender for the Plant Circle blog, where you can read an interview with me, talking about my love of plants.
Please go check out the interview, it's one that i am really proud of being a part of.