Sunday, October 9, 2016

Postcards from the recent past

Today i woke up early, feeling less hungover than i should have considering my Saturday night, so i started editing photos on my old Dell laptop, that only ever comes out of retirement for that very purpose.
I then did a 30 minute workout with my flatmate, who also had a late night. Then i went back to bed.

Now i sit here, realizing that my hangover might be the kind that sneaks up on you during the day, leaving you hungry and queasy at the same time, but unable to really do anything about it.
Well, i ate at apple, but what comes next, i don't know.
Everything is closed here on Sundays.
What i do know is that i desperately want to start posting pictures from my trip to California, but i don't think i can handle the word part of blogging that well right now...
So how about this.
I post my favorite pictures from the first roll of film i shot in Amsterdam and San Francisco now, and in the following post, i actually tell you something about my trip.
Would that work? 
Ok, great.

Here they are.

Amsterdam, San Francisco, Yoda, the view from the sunroof of Kimmie's car while driving down Lombard Street, a beautiful sunset, a mural by Diego Rivera, Doug's cat, the Golden Gate bridge.
And that was just the first two days.

More to come soon.