Friday, December 4, 2015

Three years

Does this look funny?
Like, does anything look... not normal, on the blog?
I finally (finally!) got a new laptop. 
One that works. 
One that doesn't take half an hour to start up.
One that doesn't crash or freeze every five minutes.
One that doesn't play movies on Netflix in slow motion, something i'd sadly gotten kinda used to!
It's pretty much a dream come true.

However, me and this fancy new machine, we don't know each other very well yet, so just editing pictures for the blog, and figuring out where stuff is... well, its taking me forever.
And everything looks... different.
But in a good way! 
A way where things function, and laptops can be removed from their power supply without immediately dying. 
Good times.

Ok, so that was the technical update portion of this post, as for the actual content?
I feel like i've gotten pretty bad at just blogging about everyday life.
Maybe because everyday life is this weird limbo-like grey area in which i feel busy, even though i don't have a full time job, and the days just kinda fly by and melt together with no real sense of order and direction.

Adding to that general feeling of weirdness, is the fact that yesterday was my three year anniversary of living in Berlin, and i still don't quite know what i'm doing here.
Don't get me wrong, i don't currently want to live anywhere else, and those rare moments where i regretted moving here in the first place are a thing of the past, but still... you know how i get with anniversaries.
Shit like that just gets you thinking, that's all.
And people like me, like a lot of us, worriers, over thinkers, even more so.

Some days, like yesterday, i'll walk down Karl-Marx-Strasse, thinking i'm the luckiest for even getting to live here.
I know my way around Berlin, i love my new neighborhood, i love knowing where the best places to eat and drink are, and how to get there most efficiently. In that way i feel more connected to Berlin than i ever did to Copenhagen, which sometimes just felt like the place i happened to be born.
On those days i feel like i am one with this city, and i almost can't imagine living anywhere else.
And other days, like today, i feel like the loneliest person in the world, stuck in a place where i have no roots, no family, only a few close friends who might leave at any time, an apartment, and a part time dog.
But i know those feelings are just temporary, and possibly hormonal or even seasonal, to be honest.
And there's a good chance that tomorrow, i'll be walking down the street, taking pictures and smiling at grumpy Germans, and feeling as much at home here as i ever did anywhere.

But yeah, to get back to the everyday life portion of this post, my mom recently visited me in Berlin.
Without my dad!
And although i obviously love my dad, it was so nice to spend some alone time with my mom.
Shopping, sightseeing and just walking and talking, something we're both pretty good at.
Showing her places that are special to me, and having her spend time in my home with my chosen family.
It was something i've always wanted to do, but never really considered an option since my parents usually do everything together.

No analog photos this time, but i do have a draft with a few extra pictures from my last film, so maybe i'll post those tomorrow?

Sorry for the incoherent mess, but not all posts are meant to be eloquent and profound.
Some are just here to provide a kick in the butt.
Or to practice typing and photo editing on a brand new computer.

Mom and Lucifer at Tempelhof

The abandoned water park

My mom had wanted to go since the first time i posted pictures from there

It was just as awesome as the first time, even though my camera malfunctioned and i was carrying around a deceptively heavy dog

We also went to some nice restaurants...

We went shopping (also with dog, of course)...

And we chilled at home... obviously Lucifer's favorite part of the visit


Snapchatting with the dog at Taiko 

An afternoon in Kreuzberg

I don't do a lot of shopping these days, but when i do, the shit i come home with usually has emojis on it

The newest addition to our little Berlin family is American, so of course we threw a Thanksgiving dinner party... and it was epic to say the least

A Dane, an American, a Canadian, and an Australian move into an apartment in Neukölln, and the wacky expat sitcom basically writes itself

The next day we needed a lot of these in order to get started on the clean up... a lot...

First day of snow, and of course i got caught in it wearing only leggings and a much too short jacket

Brunch at a cute café with my guy and his friends earlier that day, while it was snowing outside

Sriracha the hamster is now so tame i feel bad that i can't stay up with her all night

Been working on this forever

My pink hair with dark roots look wasn't really working for me anymore, so Wendy bleached the crap out of it, and i am now a sandy blonde

On December first, i woke up to this incredible surprise: an advent calendar full of amazing presents just for me... it's been four days and i still can't believe it...

My present on December second was a print by an artists who had an exhibition opening at my best friends gallery the next day... what are the damn odds?!

I helped out at the show, which was last night, and it was a huge success... i'm so proud of Wendy for hosting such a cool event, and for having such a successful business in a city she hadn't even visited only three years ago

 Can't wait to see this handsome dude again next week

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