Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The first part of a classic photo dump

I arrived in Denmark yesterday.
Sleepy, because i was on a morning flight.
I don't know why i always book those.
Do i just forget how much i absolutely loathe getting up early?
Ugh, never again, i say now, knowing that i will in fact do it again.
But at least i was on time and not hungover, much unlike last year, so i guess i do learn from some mistakes!

It's a smaller Christmas this year.
The part of my family that was here last Christmas won't be here tomorrow night, and some of them i won't get to see at all on this trip.
But it's ok. 
It's just me, my parents, and my cousin Nikolaj this year, and it's nice, and it's chill.
And to be honest, i'm just happy to not be hurting this year, and the memories i've been afraid of reliving by being here in the winter, haven't been haunting me at all.
So yay for that.
And yay for eating, and napping, and going for walks, and taking pictures of chickens and cows, and staying up late talking to my family, and watching bad Swedish thrillers on TV.

As the title suggests, i'll be posting another photo dump shortly, probably heavy on the Christmas photos.
And cows.
Lots of fluffy cows.

Now i must head to the kitchen to sample some more food.
Possibly cheesecake.
Life is hard.

One of those classic Kreuzberg shots

Selfie with dog on the day i picked him up

Still loving that Roamers decor

In the advent kalender one day: the hipster card game, which is hilarious, by the way

Lucifer got advent presents too, here he is posing with his moose

Star Wars marathon Sunday a couple of weeks ago

More decor, cause i'm obsessed

Black and white scrunchie, an advent present so cute i had to post it twice

At a biker Christmas market in Steglitz... Berlin is so fucking weird sometimes

And later that day, i found myself hungover at another Christmas market, only this one was at a Buddhist monastery way outside the city

They had little fluffy horses there

Hanging at Taiko with the dog on a random afternoon

The Christmas market at Arena was cute and had awesome food and drinks

I made bae try the Japanese korokke with bulldog sauce and kewpie mayo

Tamago yaki for lunch at Cocoro with a friend

Another advent present: awesome hot sauce made in Berlin (Lucifer was not impressed, but i was stoked)

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