Tuesday, December 29, 2015

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again

I definitely pulled the old "wrote a long post only to delete the whole thing" move while i was in Denmark.
Oh well.
At least the pictures where spared from the cutting process!

I'm back in Berlin now, and it's great and awful at the same time.
Life is great and awful at the same time?
Yesterday i went to IKEA, out to dinner, and to a bar.
Today i went to a café to write.
I've done that a few times since getting a laptop that's actually portable.
When i'm out, i don't write for my blog, just for me.
Well, technically i'm writing a book, except it's never gonna be published and no one will ever read it, so basically, just for me.
Sometimes you gotta write a shitty book, just so you can tell yourself you wrote a book, am i right?

I wanna do a retrospective post like the one i accidentally wrote last year, but i can already feel my hands drifting away from the keyboard, telling me "not today".
Maybe tomorrow, until then, here's part two of a classic photo dump.

Took a day trip to Leipzig last week with my American roommate (and Lucifer, who probably wasn't supposed to be on the bus, but whatever, we snuck him on anyway)

Possibly the best coffee shop in town? The only one that impressed me, anyway!

The whole city was one big Christmas market

Stopped in to a church... to take pictures for instagram, and charge my phone

Before leaving for Denmark i was busy helping the guy redecorate his apartment

Turned out pretty nice


A Christmas present i made

Early morning at Tegel airport

Airport bathroom selfie

Worst coffee ever

I arrived in the afternoon, weather was, uhm, great

Out walking and feeding cows with my mom and cousin Nikolaj

We had one day with nice weather, and that's not bad for an un seasonally warm Danish Christmas

Clara the chicken

Christmas dinner for four

I missed the sea

My backpack was full of presents, so i couldn't fit much clothes, hence the overdoing of the face

My mom made ris a l'amande cheesecake, it was so heavy i fell asleep minutes after eating it

It rained all day, and we went for a walk anyway... big mistake, even the cows looked so over it

Our Christmas tree was a nice one this year

My mom and her grandson on the beach, collecting shells and dinosaur bones

And here they are on the couch, playing some kind of game they invented and laughing their asses off

Me and Gilbert trying out the macbook photobooth

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  1. What a gorgeous looking place! It looks like you had a great time.