Monday, October 26, 2015


If someone were to ask me what 2015 has been like so far, i wouldn't know what to say yet.
So much happened, so many conflicting feelings, so much joy and so much confusion.
Like, how do you even begin to describe something that big?
It's like describing the ocean or the person you love.

If last year was the year i was born, this is the year i learned to crawl.
So with any luck, i'll be walking by 2016.
I hope so.
I can't wait to run.

Here's a random mix of pictures from London, Neukölln, and the Danish countryside, just because i felt like posting something tonight.
I think that one of the field was the only analog photo i took on that trip to Denmark!
Sometimes dragging that heavy camera around the globe just for the possibility of getting a good shot seems kinda silly, but i know i'd regret not bringing it.

I am currently completely out of film, and i'm actually considering getting cheap drugstore film at this point.
Expensive hobbies are the actual worst.

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  1. if you also use Black and White film
    you can get an APX 100 at the DM Drugstore for 3,50€ or so...

    awesome film for a good price