Tuesday, October 20, 2015

J'étais censé t'aimer, mais j'ai vu l'averse

I just did that thing where i wrote a long post, read it a few times, then decided that i wasn't feeling it.
Not today anyway.
But at least i have new analog photos to post!
Not that this film was pure gold, far from it. 
But that sunflower picture isn't too bad.

From the iPhone journal:

In my past life, i wore no makeup.
I faced the world every day, barefaced and vulnerable.
The real me, on display, but hidden at the same time.
These days, a  part of my morning is spent putting on a face that isn't quite mine.
That's the face that faces the world, the face that people meet for the first time, the face that still smiles at strangers on the metro.
Less vulnerable, perhaps, but at the same time, more me.

The sunflowers are from the community garden at Tempelhof Airfield.
That place is magical, you guys.
It's really not far from my apartment, and i've walked there a couple of times with my camera in recent weeks.
It feels like it's the last call for taking good pictures outdoors, no?
It's getting darker and i'm personally dreading not being able to take any decent pictures for the next god knows how many months.
Fellow analog enthusiasts, what do you do in the long, cold winter months?
Shoot more indoors? Do portraits?
I'd love to hear your ideas on the subject in the comments.

In other news, my heart is pretty light.
I'm as lost as always, but i have so much to be thankful for, it's kind of ridiculous.
People in particular.
I'm in good company these days.



  1. Really like the building and blue sky that looking up perspective is fantastic.
    As far as cold months I wish I can help living in Southern California lacks proper seasons. So maybe some travel plans are in order.

    1. Thank you! I walk by that building quite often, it's one of my favorites.
      I am planning a trip to California as soon as possible. No seasons, yes please!

  2. Beautiful pictures! You have a great eye for photos imo