Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pumpkin spice shut the hell up

It's Sunday, and i don't have much to write, but i got photos back from the lab on Thursday, and since it's a rainy day today, i felt like posting a few sunny ones. 

I'm still in denial about summer having ended, and every time someone talks about autumn being their faaaavorite season, and how being cozy in your bed with a wide assortment of pumpkin related food items is just the best thing ever, i kinda wanna punch them in the face. 
Seriously, what's so fucking great about freezing?
But that being said, even though it's getting colder and darker, i'm generally pretty happy. 

I recently found an older rant on my phone about how boring this summer was compared to the last one, but all things considered, i'll take a bit of boredom over last years constant drama.
I think...

 From the iPhone journal: 

What is happening to Berlin? 
It's still summer, right? 
Summers here are supposed to be epic. Last year was epic! 
I remember working a lot, but I also went out every weekend. 
So much drinking, dancing, kissing, fighting, laughing, doing crazy shit with crazy people every damn week. In comparison, this summer is just kind of... sad. 
People leaving. 
Even the drama is more just plain sad than it is passionate. 
I'm starved for fun. 
One more week of this and I'll be back at Yaam, making out with Puerto Rican gangsters. 
 Don't let it come to this, Berlin!

Lucky for me i didn't get that bored! 
He was very nice, though, for someone who wore a bandanna and had a tribal tattoo on his hand.
Oh yeah, i'm all about making the good life choices.

Here are a few shots from my neighborhood of Neuk├Âlln, one from Haubentaucher, a place in Friedrichshain with a great pool, and a horse in Spandau. 
Because why not.


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