Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The pain now is part of the happiness then. That’s the deal...

We took our best friend to the airport this morning.
By we i mean myself and my roommate Wendy, and our best friend would be the other Wendy.
It's ok if you're confused by that. Most people are.

It was early. We got up at 4 am.
We held hands all the way to Tegel, and we cried at the airport. Even after she went to the gate.
I've known since i met her, that her and her husband John would eventually move back to the US, but when i met her, i had no way of knowing that i'd just met one of my closest friends ever.
And i had no idea that i'd never be ready for them to leave.

People say we'll be fine, and we'll get over it.
Sure, whatever.
They've obviously never had a friend like her.

I'm pretty tired from being up early, and being all emotional and shit, so i don't wanna try and write any more than this.
But i felt like posting pictures of the three of us together.
Three weirdos who were somehow lucky enough to find each other in Berlin, and become family.
Three weirdos who will hopefully reunite in sunny California sooner rather than later!

At our housewarming party, before shit got real

At Havanna, my number one guilty-pleasure-club

At the market, cause we're all about the food

At Burgers and hiphop, dancing and drinking like we do best

At the house before going out this weekend, overdressed as fuck

In the old kitchen, probably shortly before the move

At our 2014 Halloween party

At Prince Charles, home of the bathroom selfies

At Cassiopeia, somewhere between me yelling at my ex's best friend for not warning me about his cheating (yeah, i was that girl), and Prindle pulling an Irish Goodbye (which she promised she wouldn't do!)

On Hermannstrasse the next day, walking back from getting ice cream in the rain

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  1. I actually want to cry with you reading this!! It has been a MAJOR long time since I've had close girlfriends because I've always been a big loner throughout my life. But some of the best memories I have EVER are with my old girls. If I could pick any time in the universe to go back to, it would be the one year/summer I had cool girlfriends. Then, of course, life happens. I got married, became a nurse (goodbye, life) and we just grew apart. Don't let them get away from you like I did!!! You guys better be doing FaceTime every hour or something. Ok, I'm sounding a total old downer, but you know what I mean. Party on and stay happy!