Friday, July 10, 2015

Return of the Mack

Well, what do you know, it's one of those,  "i am a blogger this is how my week was!" posts.
Or rather, the last many weeks. 
In pictures. 
Cause it's Friday night and i don't really have time to actually write anything.
I did, though, earlier. 
Write something.
But it's another emo post and i promised myself i'd give my readers a tiny break from those!
Just a tiny one.
Now that it's written, i probably won't be able to stop myself from posting it soon.

Anyway, it's been a busy month... two months?
However long it's been since i've played catch-up here.
So many visitors, so many house guests.
It's draining as fuck, but it's also my most favorite thing ever when friends visit, and i never want them to leave.
I was born to live in a commune, no doubt about that.

Oh, and i had a birthday, y'all.
Another amazing one.
Actually, it was almost exactly like the one i had last year, only in a new home, but still surrounded by lots of amazing people.
I spent the day at my friend Carly's place, eating brunch, getting day drunk and watching movies.
She surprised me with cake and champagne and a birthday song at one of our favorite café's on the way home, and at night a bunch of my best friends came over for pre-party and cake eating, before some of us went out for (you guessed it!), birthday karaoke.
It's almost a tradition at this point.
As usual, i sang everything from Adina Howard, to Courtney Love, to Stevie Nicks, to Divinyls, to Mark Morrison, and most songs ended up being beautiful (ahem) duets, cause sharing is caring, and singing together is just twice as fun.
When we finally left Monster Ronson, the sun was up, and i couldn't have been happier.

Oh hey, i did do some writing, eh?
Ok, not much, but i'll let my shitty phone pics speak for themselves.
Actually, no, cause i'll add captions too... you know what i mean!

Wendo and Guendo at Cocolo Ramen

Fucking Primark... my closet will eventually be 90% emoji t-shirts

Wendy bleached the shit out of my hair and i love it... now to find a place to get it cut...

My roommate Jessica, who never bakes, made me this amazing Wu-tang birthday cake

And party decorated our apartment so well that i only took the balloons down a few days ago

Me and Rahsan, possibly singing Billy Idol?

First contact with the outside world, post karaoke madness

The next day, going for coffee with Carly (yes, that was the "sobbing on trains" day, if you were wondering)

Looking for a used Kundera for Cristina at this magnificent bookstore

At the Wu-Tang show with Carly, selfying it up as usual

Pretty much every night is paint night around here, always is

Wendy Prindle bought me a new backpack cause she's the best, and my old one was falling apart

Sweetest Cristina

So sweet she agreed to model some clothes for Berlin Vintage Co.

I go on walks at night, even when i don't have the dog, and this night the sun was huge over Neukölln

Celebrating Ashley's birthday with tequila...

So. Much. Tequila. 15 shots each, to be precise...

Further progress... i haven't done acrylics on paper in years


Sometimes i can't believe i leave the house like this, but then i remember that i'm happy and i don't care

Real men let their wives paint their nails

Had a coffee at Roamers by myself that day, just cause i was out walking, and i felt like spending my last 3 euros somewhere nice

Last week, when i spent hours searching for somewhere to swim with Wendy Prindle

Between possible pool destinations, we found time for an obligatory photo booth shoot, one that was extra important cause she's leaving Berlin for good soon... don't even get me started...

Sommerbad Neukölln to the rescue

Biking in Berlin is awful compared to Copenhagen, but i still love it

Picking up Lucifer on a very hot day, ending up at Taiko

On our way across town, made it literally two stops before this guy overheated and i had to turn around and go home... the whole thing took an hour (!) and i missed a BBQ, but at least an old man hit on me by writing his number on a pack of gum, so hey, i got gum out of it

Fake birthdays are birthdays too

As if we even need a reason to wanna celebrate this person

Food, wine, chips, buddies

And water guns

Finished this the other day


  1. Shit, du er så sej! Jeg får så meget lyst til at flytte tilbage til Berlin og blive en del af dit crew!

    1. Well, Berlin og mig er bare lidt et overstået kapitel sådan på permanent basis. Men jeg kommer ned i slut august - måske vi skal mødes til en kaffe eller på Boxi eller ud at danse?

  2. the pic with the frida jacket. mma!