Friday, May 29, 2015


A while back i decided that my personal etsy shop was getting too messy and confusing.
Hats, vintage clothes, and i wanted to add prints too.
Too much of everything.
So a couple of days ago i talked my two best friends, the Wendies, into modeling some of my vintage clothing for me.
And then i created a new store, just for that.
Aahhh, organizing, it takes so long but it feels so good!

We had a lot of fun shooting these pictures, and it was really interesting to look at all the different pieces and reflect on the the person who used to wear them.
The person who used to be me.
The Wendies couldn't believe some of the shit i used to wear on a daily basis, but i've never exactly been sartorially timid!
I still love every vintage piece i own, and i wish i could keep them all forever, but i decided that everything i don't actually wear must go.

Anyway, our little project is called Berlin Vintage Company, and you can find it on etsy, of course, and on instagram as well.
Please give it a follow, and if you feel like shopping, well, you should do that too!
And because i heart you guys, you get 10% off any purchase if you add the code "untitledshopping".

Let me know what you guys think, and check back often as i'll be updating the shop with even more goodies in the coming weeks.
And although Classic Flora is currently inactive, it will open again soon... as soon as i can get some prints done, that is.
Thanks so much for you continued support, i promise i'll get back to regular rants and photos in the next post.
By the way, can i just rename my blog emo rants and travel photos?
Cause that's pretty much all it is these days!

Scroll down for a preview of what you can find in the store right now.
... and seriously, how gorgeous are my friends?!
Just... ugh. Stupid hot.

Coming soon...


  1. Great idea! Hope you sell lots of stuff. And the Wendies are beautiful models!
    I should really organise my closet too.

    1. Thanks, i hope so too! Good luck with your closet :)

  2. Great stuff. Wish you many happy sells. The only thing I would suggest is steam/iron some of the clothes so they will look even better (hope you don't mind me saying that) :)