Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flora decorates

It feels like i've been almost ready to publish this post in what seems to be forever, but in the month leading up to our trip to New York, we had no internet, and that sadly meant no blogging.
I honestly don't know how we survived that, but somehow we did... barely.
And when i got home, i basically just wanted to post pictures from our trip, and forgot all about previous drafts. Oops!

This all happened about two months ago, which is ages, i know, but i'll post it anyway, because i like the pictures, but also because i'd love to get more decorating jobs, and that's kind of what this was!

Back in March , while packing up the house and moving into our new apartment, we also had to somehow find the time and energy to decorate and finish Wendy's workroom in her new shop, Taiko Gallery, so she could actually start tattooing there.
Nah, we weren't busy at all!

Anyway, since i love decorating, and have quite a lot of experience with both decorating and building things, i offered to help out.
We worked hard, and i think it took us about three days to get everything done, but we did it and the result was a super cute and cozy room that's comfortable and relaxing to get tattooed in.
Oh yeah, i would know, since i finally got my first tattoo from Wendy, as payment for helping out!
I would have obviously helped out for free, and she would have done the tattoo anyway, but i love a good trade... although i clearly got the better end of the deal, as you'll see if you scroll down!

The room looks completely different now.
We built the foundation together, and Wendy has put her personal touch on it during the last two months, making it even more cozy and more her.
I'll try to sneak some pictures the next time i'm there, or you can go get tattooed by my very talented friend and see it for yourself!

An old towel from Japan, a painting from my friends dad's collection, some stained IKEA shelves... we worked with what we had

There's a Lucifer in that pile of jackets

Other side of the room

Ramen break!

Lorena came by to join is for lunch before we headed back to work

Cool needle and tube storage, Shige, chiyogami that i bought in Yokohama years ago, and a bit of green 

Lucifer posing with Lucifer

I've been meaning to get him tattooed on me for years, but now i'm glad i waited

Our hammies Murphy and Lewis are in the tattoo as well, of course

For more decorating photos, please go visit the subtly titled "hire me" page that will be updated with more work soon.
And to inquire about decorating jobs or consults, shoot me an email at floraamalie@gmail.com.
No job is too small, or something like that!


  1. your lucifer tattoo is so perfect! the best pet tattoo i think i've ever seen! if i'm ever anywhere near where wendy is working i want to get something from her, she is so amazing.

    1. Isn't it the best? Sometimes i'm sad it's on the back of my leg so i can't look at it all the time haha