Wednesday, April 1, 2015


The weather in Berlin has been absolutely ridiculous for the last couple of days.
You're damn right i'm blogging about the weather!
Shit is that bad.
I am currently sitting in my cozy room, drawing and freezing my ass off, while it snows, hails, and rains outside.
On April first.

I wouldn't mind being back in Maui today.
Come to think of it, i can't seem to recall why i even left in the first place!

Here are some analog shots of beaches, cemeteries, a crab i watched dig a hole for like an hour, the town of Paia, mountains, and of course palm trees.

You know those flowers i planted on the balcony the other day?
They don't seem to like hurricane type winds much.

Too soon, Flora Amalie, too soon.

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