Monday, March 23, 2015

No cacti, no palm trees


New neighborhood, new street, new dog walking routes, new supermarket to shop in, new habits, new ubahn station... new photo guy?

I shot a little under two films when i was in Maui, and earlier this week, i walked up the street from my house, and went into the first photo store i ran into, to get them developed.
It was run by a couple of older dudes, and it smelled like cigars, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
Saturday i got my pictures back, and they did a good job, and it even cost a little less than in Schöneberg.
So here's the first of a couple of analog posts from beautiful, sunny Maui.
They're mostly from in and around Paia, and from a day trip with Tali and Justin to Twin Falls.

It's a nice, sunny day in Berlin, but it's still so damn cold that i almost can't remember what summer and heat feels like.
But it's starting to smell like spring... you know that smell. 
It's magical, isn't it?

Today i wanted to buy a cactus, and ended up walking for about an hour without finding a single one.
I love my new neighborhood, but it has a serious lack of florists!


  1. Be grateful for those four seasons! Here in Los Angeles we have one season, 75F and sunny. Every. Day. It's bad for the soul and bad for the health! lol. I'd give anything to wear a sweater without sweating through it. Or maybe I should just move, oder?

    And these photos are so lush and saturated. What a nice change from your usual subjects for you!

    1. The only people who ever says to be grateful for seasons are those who don't have to live with them!
      It's snowing right now. Snowing haha!

      Thanks for noticing the color change, it is nice to post something completely different once in a while :)