Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get happy

That picture?
I wish that was me today, but i'm afraid i'm pretty far from that level of happy at the moment.
Maybe it's still the stress of moving that's affecting me, or maybe it's the winter like weather we've been having, but i am just... stuck.
Every day feels like trying to dig my way out of a deep hole and find something to live for.
I'm sure most of you know exactly what i'm talking about.

Things are good, though.
I shouldn't complain.
On Sunday we finally finished the last room in our apartment, just in time for another friend to move in and call it her temporary home.
Unfortunately getting the room ready meant clearing out something like 20 kg of wood, dust, rocks and rubble from the basement, just so we had a place to put our stuff.
It took a while, and we probably have some kind of lung cancer brewing, but at least we got it done, and it feels great to only have minor projects left.

Ok, enough writing, i have homework to do, and a dog to walk.
I think i just needed to accomplish something today.
Even the smallest thing, like posting on my blog, just so i don't feel like a massive loser.

Here are some pictures from our housewarming party a little over a week ago, and some randoms from the days up to and after.
The nicer photos are taken by my amazing friend Wendy, who by the way has an awesome blog that you should read... just sayin.

I'll be back soon, probably with some more Hawaii pictures, since that appears to be the only way to get some damn sun around here!

Apart from a few minor details, the living room is done

Damn right i wore Buffalo's to our housewarming party


Wendy and Randy made an awesome photo wall

Perfect for portraits 

And group photos

My room

Buying flowers for the balcony

Before planting

And after... i love the evening light here

Added this to my questionable crop top collection... gotta love Primark

Last week we finally got the locks changed so we could use our actual front door, and have more than one set of keys

Damn fine cocktail at Industry Standard

Housewarming presents 

More like "spirit of overpriced cacti"

Coming home late, i sometimes have the station all to myself

Reading in the living room is pretty great

Rough morning and glitter nails

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