Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday blerghday

I ventured out on a social mission today, the first one since i got sick.
We had brunch at Cabslam, and it was great, but whoa, i'm still not 100%.
I kinda just sat there and spaced out and stared at my dog a lot!
And drank so much coffee that at present time, six thirty in the afternoon, the caffeine buzz still hasn't quite worn off.
But even when i'm not feeling super awesome like today, i still love hanging out with my gang.
And it feels good to be able to walk, and you know, sit up straight without wanting to pass out!
And to see the sun, which i hadn't seen since... way before i got sick, actually.

Today i made another one of those awesome questionable decisions, and whatever fog that's been hanging over me, both emotionally and physically, seems to be lifting.
I'll tell you more about it soon, but i'm pretty excited already!

Not questionable however, is my decision to go see John Wick again!
I watched in it the theater in Mexico, and i've been wanting to see it again ever since.
Not many things beats popcorn and action on a Sunday night.

Huevos rancheros... kind of...

From yesterday when i finally left the bed to do some homework

Snow, but only a bit, and it's more or less gone already


  1. Aww, your room is like a beautiful little cabin :) xoxo

    1. Thanks!! It'll be the last corner i pack when i move :)