Thursday, January 29, 2015

You know you're sick when...

When you dig up drafts from almost a year ago just to have something to post that requires minimum effort.
I actually had drafts way older than this one too.
They're like ghosts now.
Some of them are written and ready to publish, but it's too late for them, their relevance is long gone.
I almost feel bad for them.

The photos here were taken around the time i wrote this post.
I know because i went sightseeing with Amanda, Cameron, Cristina and Ashley back in March, and i haven't been to the Holocaust Memorial since that day.
This was around the time i learned that being single means you have to fight to get included.
People will forget to include you when you're not in a couple.
You'll feel sad and discriminated, but most of the time, people won't even realize that they're doing it.
So part of being single, in my experience, is making that extra effort to get included.
And that means having to be pushy, a bit annoying, and sometimes, it even means inviting yourself to tag along on what was probably supposed to be a double date!

I had a relatively good sleep last night.
A combination of drugs brought over by my friends meant that i almost slept through the night without too much pain and fever.
And today has pretty much been all about sleeping.
I did Japanese homework for about forty minutes and after that, i felt like i'd run a goddamn marathon.
Then i answered a couple of etsy emails, and now i'm back on drugs and back in bed.
And i'll most likely stay here for the rest of the day.
I'm annoyed and impatient and full of FOMO, but this shit takes time, and at this point, i'm just hoping to feel well enough to go to class tomorrow.
Ah, just the thought of being on the ubahn is thrilling!
How terribly sad is that?

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