Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pathetic little me

As i mentioned in the previous post, i've been surrounded by some of my favorite people for the better part of a week.
We had plans every day.
We went out sightseeing, and coffee drinking, out for dinner, and of course partying.
Maybe a little too much partying, because on Monday, my body finally shut down.
I gots the ebola.
Or the flu, but whatever it is, it's the worst i've had in a long time, and i'm sure it wouldn't have happened if i'd taken it a little easier.

But my friends were visiting, and i don't get to see them nearly as much as i want, so there was no way i was gonna miss out on precious hang times.
In other words, i feel like death, but it was totally worth it.
And luckily i didn't get sick until the day they had to leave.
And even luckier, is the fact that i have my girls to look after me when i'm sick.
They've been making me dinner and breakfast, bringing me medicine, and taking Lucifer for walks.
Basically they're better than any boyfriend.

On Tuesday i had to cancel Japanese class, even though i obviously didn't want to, but instead of going ahead and having the lesson without me, which would have been perfectly reasonable, my teacher and classmate decided to skip class all together and wait for me to get well.
People can be pretty awesome.

It's only day two, but i'm getting severe cabin fever already, so i'm hoping i'll be able to beat this by resting one just more day.
I have to, i can't stand just lying around doing nothing, but i don't have the energy to do anything.
Ugh, i actually feel like i should apologize for this boring ass, poorly written post, but if you keep in mind that i'm running a fever, i'm sure you'll forgive me.
Cause you're pretty awesome too.

Eggs Florentine at Taubenschlag

Crappy photo of me and the Wendies at breakfast with Ashley and Cristina

Happy faces all around cause we got seaweed tempura chips and goma dressing

Saturday night, going to a mask party... if it looks like i made that thing in about ten minutes, it's because i did

Mask came off for the obligatory Prince Charles bathroom selfie with Carly (also, mine was getting itchy and no one else was wearing theirs either!)

Moon over Berlin

Another Taubenschlag coffee date, and i know it looks like i'm sick already but i was actually just tired

Drinks at Stagger Lee

Coffee at 25 Hours Hotel, which is usually awesome, but it was Cristina's last day, we were all feeling a bit sensitive, and they kept playing sad music... not cool

They didn't have the Five Elephant cheesecake, but these peanut butter squares were just as good

Another good bathroom selfie spot... we have these all over town!

There was an ice skating rink just outside the hotel, but we were too cold and moody to try it out... next time though!

Lunch at Ixthys was delicious as always, and i'll tell you more about this place in a later post, promise

 Me today... drinking tea, drinking hot water and ginger, drinking more tea, taking painkillers and generally being bored and achy and miserable