Monday, January 5, 2015

Flora at Taubenschlag, or i hate Mondays

This post is (mostly) for all you clients of Conspiracy Inc.
What, you think cause i don't work at the shop anymore i've forgotten about you?
Hah, never!

Taubenschlag is a cozy café on Leberstraße 1 in Schöneberg, about a five minute walk from Conspiracy Inc. and a one minute walk from Julius-Leber-Brücke sbahn, making it an excellent place to grab a bite before getting tattooed, without having to worry about being late.

I first started coming there in the summer, when me and my friend Wendy realized exactly how much we hated Mondays.
Yeah, it's a cliche perhaps, but Mondays are fucking awful, even more so than Sundays, and for us they were made worse by the fact that Mi Onda, our local coffee spot, is always closed that day, exactly when we needed a good cup of coffee the most.
So that's how Taubenschlag became our Monday spot.

We'd go there in the morning with our skateboards, share a portion of delicious scrambled eggs or an equally delicious panini with zucchini and goat cheese, drink some coffee, and then we'd walk down to the tracks and skate for a few hours.
There, day saved!

Today i went to Taubenschlag with Lucifer to drink some coffee and study Japanese, but ended up texting with the other Wendy the whole time.
Oh yeah, in case you hadn't noticed before, there are two Wendy's and since they also share a last name, there's really no way to know which one i'm talking about, so maybe just give up and focus on other stuff. Yes, do that.
Anyway, i was missing my girls, but it was still nice to go there and have a cup of coffee, and Lucifer got a nice nap on the comfortable couch.

I can't wait for them to be back, and i also can't wait for spring so skating can become part of the routine again.
Mondays suck, we've established that, but winter Mondays suck even more.


  1. Wow, I didn't know you were skating! So cool :)
    Also, what are you working now, that you stopped working at the shop? Just very curious :)

    1. I do but i suck at it haha!
      I don't have a new job yet, so at the moment i'm just blogging and painting a lot, hoping to get better so i can maybe make prints of my artwork and sell that.
      I never really had a backup plan for leaving the shop, so i'll just have to see what i can find here in Berlin!

  2. I think that sounds like a great plan. I wish you good luck with that and enough ambition to pursue that way, with painting and being creative and all that :) I myself have been struggling with that for years, and am again stuck with a job that is ok, but not at all what I would actually love to do. Stupid money problems....
    Hope Berlin will show you some new opportunities you maybe haven't even thought of yet! Looking forward to follow your journey here :)