Friday, January 2, 2015

Flora at Le Bon

Not gonna lie, yesterday was rough.
That's what happens when you go drinking for two days straight, party like it's 1999, and fall asleep on the floor of your friends hallway.
Happy New Year indeed!
But after spending all of yesterday in bed alternating between sleeping, throwing up, and watching Lord of the Rings, i'm finally feeling... somewhat alive?
Alive enough to leave the house for coffee and breakfast anyway!

So today i went to Le Bon in Kreuzberg with some good friends, and ate basically exactly what's in the first picture, although that was taken in the summer, as are all photos except the last one, which is from today.
Le Bon has good coffee, good breakfast, and the interior is cute too, and you know how much i like that.
And i also like that it's one of the first places i ate at when i started coming to Berlin a few years ago, although it was called Hudson's back then.

You'll find Le Bon on Boppstrasse 1 in Kreuzberg close to Hermannplatz on U7 and Schönleinstrasse on U8.
And you'll find me at my desk in Schöneberg, working on a painting while watching Return of the King, with Lucifer sleeping by my side.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve, and that your hangover wasn't anywhere near as severe as mine!

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