Sunday, January 11, 2015

El rapido

I'm starting to have that dreaded "i'm missing a film" feeling.
I don't think my sometimes incompetent photo store would have it, and i emptied my bag ages ago, so...
I lived out of a suitcase for almost a month.
My bag was in a corner of his room, everything in there a total mess, and well, things fall out, get lost.

Actually, you know what,  i'm sure. 
I'm missing one.
That's just awesome.
If it's in Mexico, i'll never see it again. 
Along with a scarf that i bought in Japan almost ten years ago, and my favorite sweatshirt ever, both of which were on his bed when we rushed out the door to catch a cab to the airport.
If it's around here somewhere... i have an almost equally slim chance of ever seeing it again, to be honest!

Well this fucking sucks, but at least i still have a few unpublished pictures here and there.
What's lost is lost.

I've had another hermit day in the bedroom, painting, drinking coffee, watching Stargate Atlantis.
It's not that that's all i do. It's just that it's all i do right now.


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