Saturday, January 3, 2015

Colors of Tepoztlán

Ok, i think i'm ready to post some more Mexico photos, but i'm not really ready to write a whole lot just yet.
I've had a rough couple of days (and not just because of the hangover either!) so i think i need to take a few more days to think and heal before getting back into ranting.
But rant i will.

Luckily i already wrote a bit about the trip to Tepoztlán in this post, so you can always revisit that for a bit more background.
But basically it was just a wonderful day trip to a magical town, where i climbed a fucking mountain, stood on top of a pyramid, bought some souvenirs for my family, and as usual took a bunch of photos and ate a bunch of amazing food.
The weather was good too.

How much do i love older Mexican men who wears hats?
So much.

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