Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That day on the turibus


I don't usually go for the super touristy experiences when i travel, but that doesn't mean that i think i'm too good for them or something!
It certainly didn't bother me one bit to hop on a classic double decker tour bus and drive around Mexico City with a bunch of other tourists, and one embarrassed boyfriend who spent most of the trip either sleeping, texting, or taking sneaky pictures of a dude sitting next to us who looked just like Mr. Incredible.
The bus took us from Roma to Centro, and we got off at Zocalo to eat breakfast, and then hopped on another bus to go see the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which is awesome by the way, and at a nearby market we managed to find me a beautiful sarape blanket, like the one the plastic horse is wearing.
It's on my chair right now, brightening up the room with memories of feeling sunshine on bare skin.
Something all of us unfortunate Berliners could use right about now.

So, here are some pictures from the Turibus, and another random passage from the iPhone journal.

One of the many important things i've learned recently is to not feel so responsible for someone else's happiness.
It used to completely ruin my day when my former husband was in a pissy mood and i'd spend all of my energy trying to make him happy again, and often that just wasn't possible, and we'd both be miserable.
One of the things i came to value about being single was being free from that burden. 
I'm responsible for my own happiness and that's it. 
Somehow i was able to hang onto that in this relationship.
When my Mexican would be in a bad mood, i learned to ignore him and not let his moods bring us both down. 
I would turn inwards, focus on my own experience, or other people, have fun in spite of his mood, and let him come back to me when he was ready. 
It wasn't perfect but there sure was a lot to learn.

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