Sunday, December 7, 2014

If you've ever tried reading a newspaper on an airplane, you understand why print is dead

As always after a blogging break, voluntary or not, i have a hard time knowing where to start.
So i'm gonna start with some random iPhone pictures (there might be analog doubles later, sorry about that), and a bunch of words i wrote on my phone as i was on an airplane a month ago, flying to Mexico.
Sound good?
Ok, here goes....

From the iPhone journal:

If you've ever tried reading a newspaper on an airplane, you understand why print is dead. 

We're somewhere above Illinois, I think, in one of those two story giant airplanes, and I'm trapped at my window seat by two very nice Russian women who haven't stopped talking for a second since we boarded the plane in Paris. 
I've come to the conclusion that they're mother and daughter, and the mother has spent the last ten years in a Russian prison, so they're celebrating her release by going on vacation together in Mexico. 
So obviously they have a lot of catching up to do!
If I look at it that way, it's hard to be annoyed by their constant chatter, so I'm sticking to my story. 
Somewhere over the coast of Greenland I took some pictures for them, and they've asked me questions about how to work the headphones, but other than that we haven't had much interaction. 
I enjoy traveling alone.

My dinner, if you can call it that, was beyond awful. 
Again I made the mistake of ordering the vegetarian meal, and what they served was the kind of meal that would have inspired a better writer to immediately write a complaint letter in the style of the classic Dear Mr. Branson.
In short, it was (or at least i think it was) some kind of cinnamon flavored couscous with yellow raisins and four slices of boiled, soggy zucchini, with a side of apple based baby food, and as desert, the most awful cocoa pound cake ever.

I'm concerned about Greenland, you guys. I'm no expert, but I do know that it's November and I feel like it should be a whole lot whiter there. All I saw was rocks. 
When I visited there years ago it was snow snow snow and icebergs. 
Global warming, eh?

The woman in front of me is coughing and I swear to myself in this moment that I will hunt her down and cut her if she gets me sick too. 

Did I mention I've been starving for hours?
I've been starving FOR HOURS. 
My on board dining experience wasn't just underwhelming in the taste department, it also failed to make me full, and the only thing they've served since was ice cream, which I decided against since I figured I'm bloated enough as it is. 
Why didn't i buy snacks to bring on board? Because Tegel is a horrible excuse for an airport and has nothing to offer once you've gone past security.

I watched two movies (Sex Tape and Edge of Tomorrow), read some more about the city I'll be exploring for the next couple of weeks, listened to music (currently Sufjan Stevens because flying over so many US states made him feel appropriate somehow), studied Japanese and took a few naps. 
I'm usually so good at sleeping on planes, but I guess I mostly travel at night? 
I also forgot my earplugs at home. 
It's been years since I've traveled in this direction.
I'm oddly excited to just be flying over the United States, and in my mind I'm waving at people I know who live right below me. Hi John. Hello Tina. I didn't realize it had been this long. 

My back hurts, and I'm still fucking hungry, but I'm so happy to be traveling again. 
And nervous, about seeing the person who will (hopefully) be waiting for me at the airport in Mexico City.
I hope he still likes me. I hope I still like him. 
I hope three months wasn't too long to wait. 
And most of all I hope I'll keep making extremely questionable decisions like this one for the rest of my life.

Best friends get up at five in the morning to do your hair and make sure you get to the airport on time

Somewhere up there

My view waking up on my first day in Mexico City

 On our way to breakfast, i was already taking pictures of everyone and everything

First of so many dog pictures 

Getting photobombed is ok as long as it's done by cute old men in hats

Speaking of cute, there is nothing cuter than Mexican grandmas napping in public

Except maybe these puppies, but that's it!

I'm obsessed with the little big differences, like seeing these shoe shining stands everywhere

Just a nice corner

Lucha libre! I started my trip off right, and it just kept on bringing the awesome

No, i didn't buy a mask, but in hindsight, maybe i should have

"You buy my corn soup, dammit!"

Late night cheese and mushroom taco

Dog training in Parque México, my absolute favorite park 

Christmas decorations in warm weather is very weird for a Scandinavian

At another park i went out looking at orchids and cacti while my dude skated

Bitches love succulents 

Family road trip to Teotihuacán 

I was a bit hungover because this was the night before

But i still had the best time visiting a place that's been on the top of my travel fantasy list for ages

This was my breakfast that day, and we just kept eating all day basically 

Like this awesome cut open bag of Doritos with some salad and a fork stuck in it

No, i didn't drink this for breakfast, but someone did!

Alternative bathroom selfie 
Thanks :)

There were apartments for rent here... not tempting at all

Tortillas everywhere

Getting my nails did all fancy by the best in the city


End of part one!
I want to write more, tell you more, explain what an amazing time i had, but you gotta start somewhere, right?
I'll get there!
I have a month worth of stories and pictures to share still.


  1. BAAAH I'm dying. DF is my all-time favorite cityyyyyy

  2. You seem happy which makes me smile :)
    Looks like a great trip. So many cute dogs! And how awesome are the santa decorations with glitter beards and flowers?! I want them!

    1. Thank you! I am happy. I mean, happier there than coming home to the cold haha!
      I've seriously never seen so many cute dogs in my life as i did there.

  3. Oh, det lyder så vidunderligt alt sammen! Overvej lige, hvor anderledes alting var for et år siden! Håber, det var den bedste tur nogensinde, det ser i hvert fald sådan ud :) Alt godt fra KBH!

    1. Ja, det tænker jeg tit på! Den person jeg var for et år siden havde aldrig taget på den tur, det er helt sikkert :)