Friday, December 26, 2014

Dog lady

Eat, nap, drink, repeat.
Is that what Christmas is about?
Cause that's what i've been doing for days.
Luckily the sun came out today, and i was able to go for a long walk with my family.
It got super friggin cold, so i had to carry Lucifer most of the way, but it was a beautiful walk by the sea and in the woods.
My cousin is here today too, with his wife and kids. I don't see them often.

These Mexico pictures are few and random.
I always have a few pictures here and there that don't really fit.
But those are great for days like this one, where i feel like posting, but don't feel much like writing.

I loved meeting the lady with the four xolo's. 
What a total badass! And she let me take as many pictures as i wanted.
Is it bad if i wanna end up a crazy old dog lady like her?
Today on our walk we met a couple, who had two chihuahua's in a stroller.
In a stroller!
And the stroller had blankets and a hot water bottle in it.
A hot water bottle!
They were nice, but don't ever let me become one of those people, ok?

I love being in the country with my family, but at the same time i can't wait to get back to Berlin.
If only to go to the photo store and pick up the rest of my damn pictures!


  1. Your photo's are really inspiring :)

  2. those xolo's are so cute! i've never seen one in person, i would love too!
    i borrowed a dog stroller once from a friends mom to see if i liked it. I have two elderly pugs with bag joints who like going on walks but can't go far. it worked pretty well, but i felt so stupid!! now I have a little sling I can carry one of them in when they get tired.

    1. I want a sling for my dog so bad! But I know she'd hate it haha

    2. They're the cutest! Actually the black dog in the newest post is a xolo too, she just has hair :)
      I'd feel like an idiot too, haha, even though it's probably great for the dogs!
      I have a sling/doggie pouch from Japan that works great for Lucifer.

  3. Yes! Can't wait to become a old dog lady haha
    Those xolos are adorable! The on in the plaid sweater is my favorite.