Sunday, December 28, 2014

Berlin... back to Berlin

Ahhhh... i just got back home after a wonderful Christmas with my family in Denmark.
I've been on the road with Lucifer all day, so all i wanna do right now is watch Netflix and attampt to eat my own body weight in popcorn.
But first, some iPhone randoms!

All of these are from before i went to Mexico, and well, yes, they're pretty random.
Wow, brain no work good.
I'll be back with better pictures, and better writing tomorrow... i hope.
I almost typed "lol" so you know it can't get much worse!

At the pumpkin festival in Schöneberg

I don't go for the pumpkins, i go for the alpacas!

I went back to the abandoned hospital in Beelitz with my friend Jess not too long ago... expect an analog post soon!


Sushi with my Wendies

Another shot of one of my favorite places on earth (no, really!)

On  my way to meet the Wendies at the Barn... don't know why i even remember that!


Me as a bear for Halloween... ok, not that scary, but i guess i was going for "easy costume" this year anyway!

Idiot twins, Lucifer butt, and a hidden Wendy behind the camera

Oh, they were so wonderfully long and gross, but i had to cut them before Mexico cause one of them broke

Pre burgers and hip hop

And during... the Prince Charles bathroom selfie is a tradition at this point!

This might have been the next day? It sure looks like classic hangover pizza!

Sometimes you go for a walk in the park and meet a goat... that's just Berlin for ya

Clothes-swap night at my place turned into drunken-dress-up-in-ridiculous-outfits night 

Hey Guys Girl Gang

And a painting i did

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