Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ángel de la Independencia

I'm getting pretty good at being single.
And i like to think i handle the loneliness quite well too.
Well, sometimes.
Like tonight where i'm spending time alone, blogging and painting, and listening to awful music.
But this week my two best friends left Berlin to spend what's gonna seem like an eternity in their home countries, and since we're basically all joined at the hip, their absence is pretty fucking noticeable.
They're my anchors, and they're the ones who helped me realize that i should never settle when it comes to love. Yes, they're pretty special.
But i really shouldn't complain.
I'm lucky to have many other wonderful friends in Berlin, and i myself am going home for Christmas in just two days.

Today i spent a good 25 minutes waiting at the photo store while half the staff ran around like headless chickens looking for my one remaining set of pictures from Mexico.
Turns out, they hadn't gotten it back from the lab yet.
And of course it took me forever to get there.
At least Lucifer enjoyed the walk back home.
I hope they'll get it back tomorrow, so i have time to edit and upload photos before i leave for Denmark.

Yesterday it hit me that i've never actually been on a plane alone with Lucifer before.
Not that i'm worried about the flight, stuff like that doesn't even bother me anymore, but the idea of going through airport security with two bags and a dog is... well, it's not gonna be fun.
But it's a quick trip at least, and i can't wait to see my family and my Danish friends.

Here are some... well, buildings!
I take a lot of pictures of buildings, and i am aware that i might be the only one who finds them super fascinating, but they really were one of my favorite things about Mexico City.
And these aren't even the coolest ones!
I'm really not selling this post well, am i?

The shots of the city were taken from the 26th floor of an office building where a friend worked.
She let me come visit one morning a few days before i had to go home, and i could take as many pictures as i wanted before her co-workers arrived.
Now, looking at them (and the ones that didn't make the cut) i think that maybe i like the ones from my iPhone better!
You never know how this shit is gonna turn out.



  1. the iphone takes some beautiful pictures!

    Being alone is scary sometimes (I can't fall asleep in an empty flat anymore. Which is kind of annoying if the bf comes home at 3:30am from a concert in germany. eugh!) For me it's only at nighttime when the not-so-cool thoughts come. So what I do now is turn on the lights and tvs on and act like it's daytime. Helps a bit. Also lots of cuddling with the dog, obviosuly.

    Awww Lucifer on a plane! Has he been on one before? I always sort of assumed you guys drove the way from denmark to germany... I hear the vet can give dogs some mild sedatives for plane trips. I'm sure you will both be fine.

    1. I used to be like that too, completely unable to sleep alone, but that's thankfully not a problem anymore.
      And i like being alone for the most part, but nights are always lonely when you're single :(

      Lucifer has been on planes before and he's a total trooper! Doesn't need sedatives or anything. It's just the carrying him around in a bag when i have my bag too that's gonna be a hassle. But he's gonna do great :)