Monday, December 15, 2014

Ancient astronaut theorists believe....

I sure am lucky to have readers like you.
I've gotten so many kind and supportive responses to my last couple of posts*, like, way more than usual, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
It was also nice to hear that i'm not the only one who missed my rants, so i'm gonna try to keep that up.
The ranting, the honesty, the potential public ridicule. Old school Untitled Blog style.

So i got my photos back on Friday, most of them anyway, but i had a hard time getting excited about them.
Friday was a very bad day.
I always knew there was a big chance that this trip would end kind of rough, because of my feelings for him and the distance, and i knew from previous experience that there was a chance my otherwise positive memories would be tainted if it ended badly, or just ended in general.
That's the chance you take.
So it took me a few days to be able to really sit down and enjoy the photos, and the memories they evoke.
But no matter the outcome, i won't let my current heartache ruin a month of good times, amazing experiences, and priceless life lessons.
Like i said before, this all had to happen the way it did, or i wouldn't have found myself on top of an ancient pyramid. Or at a Mexican wrestling match. Or at a house party with a bunch of salsa dancing skaters for that matter. 

So yeah, like i mentioned in this post, i was a bit hungover on the day we went to Teotihuacán because we went to a party the night before.
It was only my second night in the city, and we drove really fucking far to hang out in a garage with a few sofas, a DJ and a bunch of people i obviously didn't know.
The things that stand out the most about that night was that there was a whole table full of small plates with cut limes on them. A whole table. I found that hilarious.
Oh, and there was a puppy too, which is always a plus in my book, especially when everyone around you is speaking Spanish, and you're feeling socially awkward to begin with.
That night i had my first taste of Mexican "hardcore" chips, something i could easily become addicted to, and i learned that a surprising number of people in Mexico City know how to salsa dance really good, like they learn at the same time as they learn to walk or some shit. Amazing.
Anyway, we drank a lot of beer, something i can do now that i've discovered the michelada, and danced, had fun, and went home super late, only to get picked up by my guy's family and friends very early in the morning.

But i was excited! I've watched the Teotihuacán episode of Ancient Aliens about a million times (go ahead and judge, i would) and i couldn't wait to see something that epic in real life.
It didn't disappoint.
There were a lot of people, obviously, and the line to actually get up the pyramid was long, and felt even longer in the baking sun, but the view once you got up there was spectacular.
I lined up with everyone else to touch some sacred rock that either gives you good luck or long life, or something like that, and took a bunch of pictures, of course.

That day i had my first chilaquiles, saw my first super sized michelada, and learned that tuna isn't just a fish.
I also learned that Mexicans will literally eat all day if they can get away with it.
My kind of people.
I'm still amazed that i didn't gain any weight while i was there!

I bought a couple of very touristy souvenirs for myself. An eagle whistle and a coffee mug. 
Little treasures that says "i was there. I did that".

So, these are the first of many analog photos, presented as always without captions.
Hope you like them!



* If you're thinking "what the hell is she talking about, there are barely any comments!", the response was mostly on facebook. I swear i'm not making it up, people were very nice!


  1. I like that you're imagining us all reading this post and immediately going back and making sure you have comments hahahaha.

    The dancing thing used to drive me bananas in Mexico. I'm not a huge dancer and everybody and their dog is just amazing at it somehow and ALWAYS dancing ... I can think of three separate instances where I left a club by myself because I didn't want to FUCKING DANCE TO REGGAETON, OKAY??? haha

    1. Haha, i was just imagining someone reading the post going "aww, i like supportive comments, i'll go take a look... heeey, wait a minute!"

      It's fucking annoying that they're all such great dancers, but i actually really friggin LOVE reggaeton. Like, i've wanted to leave clubs for not playing it enough haha!

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