Saturday, September 20, 2014

The new classic

I know, i did it again, and i feel bad, really i do!
But my etsy shop has been closed for about two years, and that's a like a decade in internet years, so i need to do a lot of this promotion stuff to bring it back on the radar.
I'm sure you guys understand, and all this apologizing is totally unnecessary, but anyway.

So as you can see, the shop is almost fully stocked and more stuff is being added every day.
It's very exciting to have it up and running again, and even though it's gonna be painful to part with hats from my private collection, and the vintage clothes i've collected over the years, it feels very right at the same time.

Below are two of my favorites; i headband style piece i originally made for myself to wear at a friends wedding (which i did and i looked awesome, by the way), and one of my favorite vintage dresses, that the lovely Jacqueline just happened to be wearing for this photo shoot.

Ok, i swear that's it for now with the self promotion!
I have to study Japanese now anyway, before my classmates come over for a study session.

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