Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The benches

Sometimes i feel like my analog posts has a lot of landscapes, cityscapes, home decor, plants, the occasional cows and dogs, but not a whole lot of people.
I try to take a lot of people pictures when i travel, but i rarely take any in Berlin, it seems.
Maybe that's because i forget to bring my camera along pretty much every time i go out, but whatever the reason, i love pictures of people, so i wanna try to do more of those!

I shot these pictures of a friend on a random Monday in Friedrichshain about a month ago.
I basically just brought my camera along cause i needed to finish the Denmark film that had been in there for way too long, but sometimes the pictures that you don't plan, end up being the ones you like the best.
The top one i'm particularly pleased with, even though most of the credit as always goes to my amazing and trusty old Canon.

Action! Excitement! And... ramen? Go!