Thursday, July 10, 2014


If you're a longtime reader of this blog, you know that it's pretty rare for me to not share personal stuff with my readers.
Even stuff that's probably considered too personal by some, such as health issues and painful breakups and other things of that nature, has often made its way onto the blog anyway.
But there are times when stuff is just too complicated to write about, and i've been, and still am, in the middle of a time like that.
And it kills me, cause i love sharing, writing and venting my feelings here, but there's just too much going on at the moment.
That being said, i can assure you that i have amazing friends and an amazing family to support me, and i am very happy. And after everything, i think i deserve that.

I've had some of my favorite people visit recently, and i've had some of my best friends move in with me.
I had an amazing birthday where i sang karaoke all night and apparently got so drunk that i tried to eat the lid off a bucket of cream cheese.
I started taking Japanese classes every week, and i've been partying with Mexicans so much i think i'm starting to pick up some Spanish too.
Oh, and cause my Japanese class is taught in German, that's actually been improving as well!
I went through a phase where i worked so much i barely had time to see my friends or play with my dog.
I finished the two month long Insanity workout, and started a new workout program.
I've been taking it easy with my diet, making room for the occasional pizza and ice cream, but i'm still trying to eat healthy whenever possible.
And guys, i've danced and sung more in the last few months than i have in years.

I wish i could be more open about everything that's going on, but for now, all you get is me being cryptic as fuck... and a bunch of iPhone photos, of course!

I met up with friends at Silo twice on this particular Sunday, so i basically overdosed on coffee, but it was worth it

Janeway, you sexy minx, what are you doing in Berlin?

Angry wine drinking and photoboothing with Wendy after finding out the Method Man show had been cancelled... we did however turn the night around and had an epic drunken karaoke party for two instead!

My roomie Tay with Lucifer at Silo... again... i know, we're always there!

Staying up painting very late one night during a heatwave

Only trip to Krummelanke this year so far, but i'm hoping there'll be many more to come

New bikini, and a lot of SPF50

At another body of water, where i hung out with Jessica while waiting to see KRS-One

Blurry, but legendary!

Yaam! That's the venue... not an actual planet, if you were wondering

Flowers from clients, always a nice thing

I guess?

Favorite coffee spot, 4eva

My coffee buddy... well, one of them

Morning light at the Michelberger Hotel after a long night of drinking with an old friend

My roomie Luke put my hammock up on the fireescalpony, but i've only tried it once

Awesome Japanese food for lunch with Wendy and Cristina

But first we had coffee here

And, uhm, ice cream... 

That time me and Wendy saw Arcade Fire

The venue was a bit bigger than last time i saw them, but the show was just as good

Korean food in Schöneberg with Young

Awesome ladies: Cristina, Young and Wendy

Homemade birthday presents from Young... i need to get these framed asap

And non-flattened birthday flowers from Wendo

Me and my puppies on my birthday

Better than cake, i swear!

Birthday kisses from my friends around the globe

Birthday dinner, followed by some intensely fun birthday karaoke.... oh, the videos i could show you (but i never, ever will!)

Intense post-birthday hangover called for ramen with Young and Cristina

I could barely stay awake for this skate contest later that same day, because of the hangover i just mentioned...

Cristina took this picture of us after we'd been out for sushi one day

Ashley's birthday started with Cards Against Humanity and ended with a crazy living room dance party, that lasted till 6 in the morning, and got so loud the cops showed up!

Young and Lucifer having a quiet moment in the kitchen

A cat sleeping on a car in Mitte... i mean, come on...

Sharing is caring

I can't resist a pretty flower display

Back at Silo for breakfast with Young and Ida

Another roommate

Jessica came back from vacation and we celebrated with the fanciest cocktails ever... that thyme was on fire... literally!

Happy dog doesn't mind waiting in the car, or having its picture taken

Oh right, i got new hair! It's even more Trek-ish from the front...

My first attempt at springrolls tuned out pretty good!

Recently deceased

I watched an entire football game, so i guess hell has officially frozen over?

Always smiling like an idiot


  1. Kys til dig, søde! Fine billeder og så godt at du holder dig oven vande :)

  2. I'm glad you're having such a super time :) And I'm hoping from the super bashful picture at the bottom, that romance is on the cards ;) x

    1. Thanks!! I don't know about romance, that's a big word, haha...

  3. Seriøst, det ligner jo, at du har det for vildt godt. Så dejligt! Er ærgerlig over, det ikke blev til et gensyn, mens jeg var i Berlin - kunne have været skønt med en Silo-kaffe, til trods for at du er der en del alligevel :) Sig til, når du er i KBH næste gang (selvom jeg ved, du helst undgår den by, jo). Alt godt. KS

    1. Ja, det var surt vi ikke kunne finde tid!
      Men jeg havde en god tur til Kbh sidst, så der går nok ikke så længe før jeg kigger forbi igen :)

    2. Godt at høre - så tager vi revanche på den kaffe. Hav det godt så længe og nyd vidunderlige Berlin :)