Thursday, July 3, 2014


Sometimes i take blogging breaks that are so long, i hardly know where to start when i try to get back into it.
I believe i've mentioned this about a trillion times since i started this blog, and i probably will again at least a trillion more.
But this time i have a good solution!

A few month ago i did an interview and photo session with Céline from Inspired Tattoo Portraits, and while i've posted about this since it came out on both twitter, facebook and instagram, i haven't posted anything here yet.

So instead of struggling to figure out what to post, i'll just post a few of Céline's amazing photos and refer you to the Inspired Tattoo Portraits site where you can read the interview (in both English and French!), see more photos, and even a video.

I'm so stoked about the result, and really proud to be featured in what i think is a really cool project created by a rad and talented girl i'm happy to call a friend.

Go check it out, and let me know what you think!



  1. what a great interview! and the photos are wonderful too! I love your leg tattoos, I am working on filling my legs now and I love how your's go over your knees. I've got the front and back of my thigh so far but I'm scared of doing my knees! I love how it looks though.
    I liked what you said about the balance about getting tattoos that "mean something" and getting things that aesthetically please you. I feel the same way. Not everything has some deep meaning.
    I know you are a big Trek fan, do you have any Trek tattoos?

    1. Thank you, i'm glad you liked it!
      The knees are tough, but i'm scared of getting the back of my thighs done, so i guess we all have spots we're scared of :)
      I only have one Trek tattoo, a traditional Enterprise... i think it's on the blog but way back. Maybe if you do a search it will come up, but it's pretty old!
      But i definitely want more Trek tattoos!

    2. i got a trek tattoo last summer. i got hand doing the vulcan salute with a little ribbon wrapped around that says "'logic" and i kind of want another!

  2. Great interview, love the photos too!