Tuesday, July 29, 2014

In which Flora Amalie tries out a new phone...

This weekend i got the unexpected opportunity to take part in a blogger workshop here in Berlin.
It's been really hot in the city lately, still is, so the idea of spending my Saturday and Sunday in an even hotter classroom when i could be at the lake with my friends, had me question my decision to say yes, but i'm really glad i went.
The workshop was really informative and inspiring, and i hope it provided the kick in the ass i've been needing to move forward with the Untitled Blog.

See, i've felt for a long time that this whole blog needed a makeover. Like, a severe one, not just a new header like i normally do when i need change!
Maybe a whole new theme, a whole new subject, who knows?
But something needs to happen, and for the first time in a long time i actually feel inspired to do something about it.
The blog might end up being less about me, and more lifestyle-ish.
I might want people to do guest posts, i might do sections with different topics, i don't know yet, but i'm always interested in hearing what you guys have to say, so if there's something you'd like to see more of on the blog (besides regular posting, lol), please let me know in the comments!

One of the things we talked about a lot at the workshop, was making money from your blog, something i've personally never been very good at.
I've never had ads, and i've never done any sponsored content, even though i've had offers in the past.
But things change, and that topic couldn't have come up at a better time for me.
You see, i was recently contacted by a company that represents Huawei, asking me if i'd like to try out this new phone, that supposedly had a great camera.
And guys, this time i said yes. Because, well, free phone!
So this post is kinda sponsored, i guess?*
Or, at least it's full of photos from the Huawei Ascend P7, which, by the way, does indeed have a very nice camera, as you can see.
I used VSCO Cam to edit all the photos, as i usually do with my iPhone photos as well, and i think they have a nice analog feel to them.
However, VSCO ran pretty slow on New Phone, which i found a little frustrating, but i am an extremely impatient person when it comes to technology, so maybe it's just me!

Now, if anyone out there would like to give me a new laptop to replace the purple dinosaur i'm so desperately trying to keep alive, i am apparently open to accepting bribes.
Just kidding.
But not really.
*whispers* call me, apple....

I made a new work space in my wardrobe, perfect for drawing and studying Japanese 

My favorite Dino Baby and his lovely wife came to visit recently, and we went to eat at Yam Yam, which is the spot in Berlin for kick ass Mandu and other Korean delicacies 

Mandu, rice, kimchi and gim (which is not pictured cause they always forget to bring it the first time around!)

My roommate Luke took this picture of the dogs being fucking adorable the other night

I've been encouraging my friends to try out New Phone when they feel like taking pictures, so here's Luke and Wendy testing the front camera at this kind of horrible breakfast spot we tried out a few weeks ago (the fat, rich guy smoking a cigar right next to us didn't exactly elevate the dining experience!)

My girls at Mi Onda

The dudes and the dogs

Roamers in Neuk├Âlln is one of my favorite places in Berlin at the moment, cause they have great interior, good coffee, and killer avocado on toast... so basically all my favorite things!

And one time, they also had parrots parked outside... oh, Berlin...

Oh, and New Phone has a built in beauty filter... whether it works or not is debatable, i guess!

*I was gonna name this post "Sellout" but that seemed a bit too harsh, after all!


  1. Girl, you don't need no beauty filter!

    Whatever you blog about, as long as you keep the honesty, humour and pretty pictures, we'll keep coming back :)

    1. Aw, thanks babe!
      Whatever the blog turns into, i'll keep it basically the same.
      Thanks so much for your input, you've been with me for a long time, so i really appreciate it!

  2. I've enjoyed viewing your new blog, Amalie. I'm glad you've enjoyed taking photos with the Huawei Ascend P7; I believe this product's name correlates with your interest in sci-fi! Tak, min ven.

    1. Haha, you're totally right, i didn't even think of how sci-fi that sounds!

  3. Aspect ratio is a bit different, eh?

    1. Very! I thought about cropping them differently, but i think it kind of works for some of the pictures, so i kept it like that.

  4. I´d love to read anythintg from you. I´m mostly looking forward to you blogging about you dealing with anxietey, but that is only because it is so damn helpfull that somejust just speaks it out loud and clear. And it´s super personal. I understand taht it is not easy to always share this stuff with strangers. Just want you to know, that you helped me a lot, like A LOT dealing with my own anxiety. And seeing that you are so good ist just - WOW -. It makes me look forward to a happy future. But I really also enjoy you blogging about Japan, Coffee, Dogs and Fashion and Interior. Just keep on blogging, please!

    1. Thanks, Mona!
      Actually anxiety, or mental health in general, was one of the things i thought would make a good regular topic for the blog. As would Japan, interior and food/coffee!
      But thanks so much for your input, it means a lot, and it makes me really happy to know that my writing about personal stuff can help out others :)

    2. Yayyyy to "regular topic"!

  5. Hey lady-

    I haven't been around the blogosphere much lately, but in jumping back in, and onto your blog, I'd forgotten how much I truly enjoy reading about your particular slice o' life! Don't take the personal out of your posts- after all, most of us who stop here are interested in YOU (your well-being, adventures, foods, etc. etc. etc.). So, you know, keep up the good work and stuff, and all the best in establishing your "direction" here, though I've always thought "Amalie" is a pretty great direction!




    1. Aw, thanks so much!!
      And don't worry, whatever happens here in the future, i plan to keep it personal as fuck, like always :)

  6. I totally agree that your writing about mental health like anxiety helped your readers a lot including myself. I love your blog, pictures, stories about your life and life in general, friends , travel, Berlin, Japan, Denmark, and your great taste :) Maybe you could write post about movies, books, music, art/artists which inspire you. I know it sounds like a topic for a good few posts but just an idea :) Anyway keep up the great work. And if you ever fancy few cool T-shirts let me know I could sponsor you lol :)


  7. hmmm nice post thanks for sharing this post.