Thursday, May 8, 2014


I think this might be my last analog Japan post...?
This film was a bit special so it took a few extra days to develop.
It was already in my camera when i went to Tokyo, so these are all from my first days there.
Lots of walking, lots of hanami. 

But i still have a Paris post or two, though, before it's back to Berlin blogging.

And no, i didn't know that first photo was gonna have a friggin rainbow in it, but i'm happy that it does!
I love my camera so much and this is one of the reasons.
You never really know how it's gonna turn out.
Or who's gonna sit in the background of a photo of old ladies on a bench, giving you the stink eye.



  1. Wow! Gorgeous photos! if I may ask, what kind of camera and film did you use?

    1. Thank you! My camera is an old Canon AE-1 Program.
      I can't remember what the film was, except that it was a slide film of some kind...