Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh, Paris....

Tokyo. My trip home was as easy as my trip there, only about a million times better.

I landed in Paris at 4 in the morning...
Wait, let me explain something real quick first.
When i booked the tickets and saw that i had a 16 hour layover i basically thought "Motherfucker. Worst. Tickets. Ever." And then i realized, that no, these were actually the best tickets ever.
I got two vacations for the price of one!
So i contacted one of the only people i know in Paris, a longtime client at my shop, and asked if he wanted to hang out and maybe show me around.
And because he's awesome, he said i could just come straight to his place from the airport, take a nap, and we'd go sightseeing.
And that's what happened.
So ok, back to the story.

I landed in Paris at 4 in the morning, and made my way to Joseph's place.
I'd never been to Paris before, but he sent me a map, so it was easy, albeit a little creepy and quit, to find my way there.
I took a nap on his couch and woke up to fresh coffee, croissants and sunshine. In Paris!
Pretty magical already, right?
Yeah, it gets better.
So after breakfast, and me washing off some of my airplane stank, Joseph says "so how do you feel about sitting on the back of a motorcycle?"
I mean... come on.
So we rode around Paris on a friggin motorcycle all day, seeing all these amazing sights, having coffee, going on walks, eating lunch, visiting cool shops and, well, macarons happened too. Obviously.
And apparently i love motorcycles. Who knew?
I was sitting there, the whole time thinking "faster, faster!" while snapping photos with my iPhone, that i somehow managed to not drop.

I had thought that the layover would maybe easy my return to Europe, but it ended up making it worse.
My last day in Tokyo was kinda like a dream, and my day in Paris was just as unreal, so reality hit hard.
But oh, it was worth it.
I kinda wanna go back to Paris, like right now, and i kinda also never wanna go again, because i don't think it gets better than this.

Here's a bunch of pictures from that day.
From the morning light outside Joseph's apartment, to his amazing shop, to that that tower, to that vegetable shop from that movie... the views, the cemetery. It's all just so pretty there!

I'm sorry, Berlin, you're awesome, but you look a little rough compared to this.


  1. Nu har jeg lyst til at tage tilbage til Paris. Lige med det samme. Lyder som en fantastisk dag!

    1. Det var det godt nok også!
      Jeg gad også godt tilbage snart...

  2. That is incredible. You're living a scene from a dreamy movie.