Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Final Tokyo iPhone photo dump... maybe...

It's been raining in Berlin for what feels like weeks.
In reality, it's probably been one week, but whatever, i'm sick of it already.
And the fact that i'm mostly inside these days, either working or working out, doesn't change the fact that i need some damn sunshine soon.

Anyway, how are you all doing?
I think these might be the last of my Japan pictures.
Then i have another Paris post and then! back to catching up on Berlin blogging.
Yes, it may be raining, but stuff is still happening, and it needs to be blogged about!

 Really regretting not buying these, but i literally had to sit on my suitcase to close it, so maybe it's a good thing i didn't

That time me and Lindsay accidentally walked into a pet shop and almost left with a very expensive cat

Seriously, though, we bonded with this guy

Why i love my iPhone camera so much; sneaking pictures of beautiful strangers on the train

On my way to Yokohama

That door used to mean hours of pain, but not this time!

Awesome new wallpaper at Yellow Blaze

And awesome udon

The famous munchkin cat slept the whole time we were there, so we never got to see his tiny legs


Such perfect posers


That's no way to sleep, cat

I mean, come on!

All cats love Shige, true story


Cat ball

The café part of the Cat Café experience (it was delicious by the way)

Harbor coffee spot

Everything is magic there

Favorite view

Kate, my best shopping (and getting free samples at Starbucks) buddy

Peter and Panda in  the wild(-ish)

Classic Cat Street

Hi buddy

I didn't do much shopping, but i did get this amazing two piece set that i can't wait to wear as soon as there's an occasion....

One of my favorite corners

People watching while waiting for friends is one of my favorite things to do in Tokyo...

And sneaking pictures of those people, as we've already established

Glasses and hair envy

Mister Donut date with a newly tattooed Mattias in Kōenji

What sunshine and true happiness looks like

We never have enough time, me and Izumi

Akari, my favorite little photo bomber!


Parfait with Inkrat

Sakura spam

Small streets of Asagaya

Kimono shopping with this lady is always fun, and so was dinner and hitting baseballs at the arcade!

I played Pon Pon Pon and i nailed it

That damn ice cream again

My cat friend, always in the same spot

My last day, before i broke my bag and dropped my lens cap

This didn't end well for the turtles

Driving through Tokyo is always kind of surreal to me, because i so rarely do it... but surreal in a good way, obviously

The perfect (almost) end to my perfect trip


  1. I'm so into your vacation photos. Cats. Food. Tattoos. Kate! I mean, you have everything! haha

    1. Haha, pretty much! My regular Berlin life needs more cats.

  2. Love this post!! And i need to go that cat cafe, it looks like the most perfect spot in the world!!

    1. It was pretty amazing, and not at all what i'd expected!

  3. Love all your snaps. that cat cafe looked way better than the one i got to to go to the cats were just so over it!! i miss japan all the time x