Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tokyo randoms

I'm slowly dragging myself out of post vacation blues mode.
The summery weather in Berlin, and my amazing friends, have made it a lot easier.
Life is good here, i shouldn't complain.
Still, my heart aches a bit when i look at photos from Tokyo, and i'm counting the days, weeks, months until i can go back. I always will be.

Here are some (as the title suggests) random pictures from around Tokyo.
There are some from a day i spent walking around Shinjuku with a stranger, some from hanging out with my girls Lindsay, Kate and Izumi, one of Izumi's oldest daughter Akari, who just keeps getting cuter every time i see her, one of a couple of rabbits named Peter and Panda, and some that are just, well, random.
Oh, and that white cat? I almost bought it!

I have a few more posts like this, and one more big iPhone dump, before i can return to present day blogging.
I hope you're enjoying the Japan photos as much as i am (although i doubt it!)



  1. Those cherry blossom trees are so beautiful! I hope I get to visit Tokyo one day. Lovely photos.

  2. What do you mean you walked around with a stranger??!! I must know more.

    1. Oh, it was just someone i met online. We just hung out for a few hours, it was fun!